Fighting Games Weekly | April 16-22

Ah, by the time I got home and started watching, the announcement was already made and re-watching by timeshift doesn't work so well with me, though I could re-watch most of it. I had read that the concept matches wouldn't be streamed, wasn't sure whether it was true though. Is the second day not being streamed at all?
It must be pain to re-watch its long ass timeshift, now I'm also confusing lol.
I believe they'll do streaming those arcade title qualifier round which is scheduled on 28th. (SF4, VF5 SF3s) Concept matches won't be streamed which is scheduled on 29th.
Not sure about other qualifiers on second day. (TTT, P4U, Aquapazza).
I think they can stream and finish these qualifiers before concept matches start at 15:30, but for now their program list is all blank.
They won't stream concept matches, only available for those who goes to the Noco's event on 29th. But they announced this year's SBO streaming itself will be free.
They also talked about non-arcade titles of this years SBO, it seems they'll approve the winners of certain user-running tourneys as a SBO qualifiers, just like "Road to EVO circuits".
That blows. >:| At least they're making the qualifiers and this year's SBO free to watch this year for once.

USD or toypop, can you please explain to me how in the fuck timeshift works? Do I click on the Timeshift to watch an archived stream??


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'Ello chaps.

I'm going to Singapore on business 22nd-24th May and was wondering if anyone from fighting GAF had a hand in that part of the world.

I know there are some pretty major players, and I've been checking out sites like Round1 for info, so it all sounds pretty exciting.

This is a supposed to be a weekly thread, so I'll understand if there isn't any news straight away, but if anyone has any insight I'm all ears. Even if there aren't any tournaments or anything, I'd love to check out some of the local arcades, as I hear they're pretty slammin'.