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Slayer of Combofiends
This shit is hilarious

The struggle is real man.

just messaged my mum and aunts about this. maybe i should message my little sister as well...
YOOOOO aquasilk with online virgin gaming? Time for a great night!

New Adventure Time and Aqua is streaming right after? Truly a great day

What do you mean I can't have an itchy ass?

Better than your gief tho.
I can probably agree with that, but probably not better than my team in marvel.

Lord Shouta Kreygasm
That's it, you're on my hit list now.
If you're charging a TAP or Zonk, does that mean you delay wakeup every time?
not sure, I never even thought about that.

From Combofiends blog a few weeks ago it said pressing any two buttons when you hit the ground. I would hope that doesn't include charging TAP or Zonk.
May doing May things with Xrd damage. Weird seeing dust turn into AOAs.
LOL yeah but I think it's pretty awesome that there are two types now, watching a ky player descover tech with it day one got me excited.

what a rage quit
I don't find this funny at all
Or.... OR..... its because its super slow paced and is stale like year old bread?
I agree, not because the game is bad or anything but mostly because the game is so played out that people know the options to every situation and the game isn't movement crazy for crazy shit to go down, or does it have a variable like parries in it to mix things up.
There was a sol figuring out some launch -> dustloop -> fafnir -> reset tech on day one
I missed the esgn episode because of class

and apparently there are no reruns going on or hard footage up yet


well, it was probably a blowup anyway. infil vs sanford is not likely to have much back and forth
Hah forget it was Monday.
Can't post any vids since I'm at work atm, but game acho's YT channel has a 90 min. Guilty Gear Xrd match set.
Wut? That's how her combos have been for ages. She's always relied on dashes and air dash cancels to make her stuff work.
In the video you see he jump cancels air normals and then cancels that jump into a dash, the 2 versions I've played of Millia (AC and +R) allow you to air dash cancel air normals.

Doing instant air dashes on the regular is hell on my wrist, so I'll probably not bother.