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Week of July 8th to the 14th, 2013.

Fighting Games Weekly is the weekly discussion thread for all things fighting games. News, events, streams, videos, players, drama, everything fighting game related.

Don't know what to watch right now? Check the FGCPros Twitch Group or Jaxel's Stream Viewer. If you want to watch multiple streams at once, you can use Jaxel's customizable multiviewer as well.

New to FGC-GAF is the FGC-GAF Index which lists the fighting games GAFers plays as a neat reference with some rough statistics to boot. To add yourself to the index, quote this post and use the survey link below. Please remember to save/bookmark the "Edit your response" link so you can edit your responses if/when you buy a game already on the list or a new game that releases in the future.

Last week's thread.​

[ Stream 1 ] [ Stream 2 ] [ Stream 3 ]

[Please use the Official Thread for EVO discussion! ]

Begins Friday at 11AM EDT / 8AM PDT and goes to Midnight PDT Sunday.

The biggest fighting game tournament of the year is finally here. EVO is back to bring together players all across the world on a global stage for the ultimate prize.

UltraChenTV: First Attack & Lv3 Focus [ 11PM EDT | 8PM PDT ]
  • Weekly FGC show dedicated to match analysis, teaching, commentary, news, debates, and more! Hosted by UltraDavid and James Chen.
Ultimate Fight Night [ 9PM EDT | 6PM PDT ]
  • Bi-weekly featuring around 5 exhibition matches in AE, with a main event usually featuring top players.

Kachitagari TV (JP) [ 9PM JST | 8AM EDT | 5AM PDT ]
  • Bon-chan, Kazunoko and Fuudo's new show, focusing primarily on SSFIV AE ranked matches but is branching off into other games as well.
Iron Fist League [ 8PM EDT | 5PM PDT ]
  • TS Sabin a.k.a. Arturo Sanchez and Anakin host an online TTT2 league featuring hand-picked participants. It is in a round robin format and prizes include entry and venue fee coverage for the upcoming Final Round. [ON HIATUS]
  • NYC VF crew presents VF5:FS tournaments casuals out of The Next Level arcade in Brooklyn.
The Break Weekly [ 8PM EDT | 5PM PDT ]
  • New Jersey's largest weekly featuring UMvC3 and Injustice.
WakeUp SRK Live [ 9:30PM EDT | 6:30 PDT ]
  • Keits and skisonic host the weekly official podcast of [ON HIATUS]
The On Blast Show [ 10PM EDT | 7PM PDT ]
  • JamessMK & DarKNaTaS host a raw and uncut weekly talk show discussing events in the FGC with various FGC personalities.
UltraChenTV: The Tuesday Show [ 11PM EDT | 8PM PDT ]
  • Weekly FGC show dedicated to match analysis, teaching, commentary, news, debates, and more! Hosted by UltraDavid and James Chen.
When's Marvel Weekly [ 11PM EDT | 8PM PDT ]
  • FChamp and the FGTV Live crew host weekly Marvel sessions and hijinks. [ON HIATUS]
Cross Counter LIVE [ 12AM EDT (following day) | 9PM PDT ]
  • Cross Counter LIVE returns with the help of VxG. Cross Counter LIVE is a weekly talk show hosted by Gootecks and Mike Ross, who discuss hot button topics in the fighting game community.
The Show That Sucks [ 1AM EDT (following day) | 10PM PDT ]
  • iPlaywinner hosts a weekly talk show featuring alpha stream monsters Harrison and Honzo Gonzo.

Game Spot Versus KoF Casuals (JP) [ 7PM JST | 6AM EDT | 3AM PDT ]
  • KoF 1998UM, KoF 2002UM and KoF XIII C action from Japan.
  • Description needed.
Next Level Battle Circuit [ 8PM EDT | 4PM PDT ]
  • NYC's biggest weekly at The Next Level Arcade in Brooklyn featuring SSFIV AE, UMvC3 and TTT2. If the Teamsp00ky link is not working, it is likely on the backup stream on Bifuteki's channel.
Melee It On Me [ 9PM EDT | 6PM PDT ]
  • A bi-weekly Smash podcast discussing recent events, news and issues in the Smash community, hosted by Scar, Prog, Cactuar and Sheridan.
Wednesday Night Fights [ 12AM EDT (following day) | 9PM PDT ]

Valley Stream Monsters Thursday Night Casuals [ 8PM EDT | 5PM PDT ]
  • Kombat Network presents a weekly offering stream monsters a chance to get on the streams themselves.
Stream Monster Online Tournament [ 8:30 EDT | 5:30 PDT ]
  • Weekly 16-player UMvC3 online tournament run by FGTV and sponsored by eightarc.
FNC The Arena [ 10PM EDT | 7PM PDT ]
  • UMvC3 weekly out of Long Island, New York, which sometimes features other games.
Salty Cupcakes [ 10PM EDT | 7PM PDT ]
The Fray [ 10PM EDT | 7PM PDT ]
  • A weekly FGC talk show hosted by iPlaywinner, featuring a varying, ensemble cast of prominent members of the fighting game community.
  • Aris' new weekly show, discussing whatever he wants to! The format resembles old ATP podcasts.
The Runback Season 4 [ 12AM EDT (following day) | 9PM PDT ]

KaoTV! (JP) [ 11PM JST | 10AM EDT | 7AM PDT ]
Fraud-Free Fridays [ 9PM EDT | 6PM PDT ]
  • Weekly tournament run at the FGTV house. Don't forget about the second FGTV stream as well which compliments the main one. [ON HIATUS]

None at the moment.​

GGPO VanBats [ 4PM EDT | 1PM PDT ]
  • Weekly GGPO Vampire Savior ranbats streamed by GAFer Rotanibor.

On GAF we have various members that stream fighting games from time to time too:
Additionally, if you want to really get involved, you may want to check out the various OTs for specific games:
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EVO time, baby!

Riding with a van full of dudes from Colorado to Vegas. Not looking forward to riding for 16 hours, haha. If I pop up on stream, I'll be appearing as EFL Chavelo. :D

If any GAFfers want to get some games after hours, hit me up via PM.
That was one of the most feel-good tourneys I've ever seen. Almost every minute of the thing had me grinning. Whether it was the gameplay, or the commentary, or the fact that the finals came down to two REALLY solid players who never really get all that much shine... Just overall, a really fucking solid night.


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Controversial post:

I'd rather FChamp or Chris G win EVO than any of the top 3 in Curleh West. Not KBR though, I'd love for him to take it all. I like watching those guys play much more than Angelic/KillerKai/DiosX.

Is Champ heading back to NorCal right now? I want to be there for when FGTV goes live. Gonna be legendary.
Miniboss' staggered hidden missles into finger lasers was pretty awesome. I'm sure there's a counter to it but it caught a few people off guard.
Just seeing that Phoenix flex her clipped wings during this tourney makes me actually appreciate what kind of skill it takes to dominate the meta in Ultimate. I'll take Morridoom before "I can't control it!" any time.
I'm a little surprised by all the salty tweets I'm seeing on my feed regarding the shirtless stunt. I thought it was funny as hell, why's everyone so offended?


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what's shirtless-gate?
Don't look at anything on this site or elsewhere and go watch the grand finals archives for the Curleh West that just happened.

I'm a little surprised by all the salty tweets I'm seeing on my feed regarding the shirtless stunt. I thought it was funny as hell, why's everyone so offended?
Damn really, wtf? What are they mad about? What IS there to be mad about?