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Fighting Games Weekly | May 4-10 | WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD!


Apr 7, 2006
It's always a bummer when snake loses such a close one, but this was a much better tournament for him this time around, Infil is a nice guy and great player so it's not so bad. Great tournament though, all games were quite entertaining. Looking forward to see more of Digit and Scar in MKX.


Mar 5, 2015
Los Angeles
I honestly don't think zangief is a good character (for tournaments), and he plays so different from others that it will take a while for snake to get a good secondary goin, but I really hope he keeps on workin on it.

Amazing what he has done despite his characters short comings at this event though, incredibly close, incredibly hype. Infiltration with that really solid english too, SO SOFT