Fighting Games Weekly | Sept 29 - Oct 5 | 4th place wins a cake


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Week of September 29th to October 5th, 2014.

Fighting Games Weekly is the weekly discussion thread for all things fighting games. News, events, streams, videos, players, drama, everything fighting game related.

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Capcom Pro Tour Singapore [ Saturday ] [ 1PM Singapore | 1AM EDT | 10PM PDT Friday ]
25th International Festival of Comics and Games [ Saturday] [ 12PM Poland | 6AM EDT | 3AM PDT ]
Gigacon 2014 [ Saturday ]
TOPANGA LEAGUE 4 (B) [ Sunday ]

Every week, FGW will spotlight one GAFer to get a better picture of their history with fighting games, their preferences, and much more. For this week's FGW Player Spotlight, we will be taking a closer look at our most saturated member, Riposte!

What fighting games do you currently play, what is your all time favourite and why?
Truth be told, I haven’t touched a fighting game lately, as in not at all this year. I’m trying to find a game to go all in on for a change. Thinking GGXrd, Smash Wii U, or UNIB.

Picking a favorite is hard, because I love the variety. I have this bad habit of appreciating variety more than any one thing, making me indecisive. However, thinking about this makes a convincing case for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. FS hits a spot for me like no other; it’s where I feel most engaged with the other player and the mechanics do a good job of getting that across. I think there’s an elegant beauty to how the intuitive main systems like evasion, side/turn mechanics, and frame advantage interact. I’m grateful for the lower execution barrier (more effort spent on reads, where FS improved on) with the simplicity and leniency of inputs. Although some combo situations ought to be less lethal (FS seems worse here), there’s a welcomed lack of dead weight along the lines of comeback mechanics. People say the aesthetic is lame, but I actually like it (dated as it was in 2012): It’s clean and grounded while also a charming throwback to old 3D arcade games.

Funny enough, outside VF, my tastes is aligned towards 2D fighting games, particularly those with a lot of flashy systems (love me some bars and special buttons). Completely contradictory, but there you go.
What are your favorite mechanics from the current selection of fighting games and why? What are your least favorite and why?
To avoid rehashing what I said above, I’ll go with a concept fundamental to many 2D games: air dashing. It’s not the only way to add a layer of aerial mobility/verticality to a game (e.g., multi-jumps and platforming of Smash), but it’s the most explored and identifiable one (hence “airdashers”). Air dashing (often alongside air blocking) can change the expectations of spacing (what’s risky/safe) in a way that doesn’t diminish its importance, but instead increases the complexity (possibility space) of it. I find novel variations such as Arcana Heart’s homing or Marvel’s flight mode very interesting. And the whole concept is a pretty cool break from reality to begin with (in an… “anime” sort of way).

As for least favorite… the gems of Street Fighter vs. Tekken are a really shitty way to do arcanas from the aforementioned Arcana Heart, but I didn’t see the worst of it. A lazy choice would be “X-Factor” from MvC3. Now, the mechanic isn’t all bad and arguably there’s worse there, but it was handled poorly. I have no love for comeback mechanics in the first place, but one that aggressively powerful, in a game that momentum based, really rubs me the wrong way.
What got you into fighting games? Are there any other genre of games you play?
Ignoring the “I grew up in the 90s with arcade cabinets and console ports” cliche, why I have become so invested in fighting games owes a lot to an apartment complex near where I lived in my early to mid teens. It wasn’t a “good” neighborhood and my mom wanted me to stay away, but oddly enough it’s where I found an oasis of hardcore (poverty?) gaming. Before then I was getting more into tabletop games than videogames, but this crowd reversed the trend (card games aside). Melee was played the most with 3rd Strike and Marvel 2 behind it, eventually being joined by Guilty Gear X2 and skirting by a bunch of other games along the way. Ultimately that broke apart, I moved away, and fell into the Final Fantasy XI vortex. My most passionate days with the genre are no doubt behind me, but I’m no less interested in it (and once in awhile I find myself trying to play three games at once). The fact I’m now more obsessed with game design and player psychology also makes the subject fascinating.

It would be easier to list the genres I don’t play and I’m always trying to make that list smaller. It’s not that I’ll play anything; I’m dedicated to playing everything (not so much this year). I think the top 10 lists I do for GAF’s GOTY threads (my homepage) sums it up well. Third Person Shooters are probably my favorite.
What is your favorite fighting game character and why?
This is not something I’ve thought about in the grander sense. I guess my de facto choice is Dante from the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 series, but favorite isn’t the right word here, it’s more like “most impressive”. Not only is Dante an excellent adaptation of the character’s concept, an ideal crossover games should strive for, but also one of the most intricate, complex fighting game characters ever thanks to what they were adapting. While I didn’t main him and don’t even like lengthy combos, I recall spending a lot of time exploring the moveset and having a ball just messing around in training mode.

For what it matters though, my favorite character of the game I named as my favorite is Lion, who I do main and find myself very comfortable with. I really like that I can be utterly annoying (like his stupid voice) staying on the defensive, then flip my approach completely when my opponent (who is flustered, ideally) is adapting and least expects it (or demands it) and do my best Chibata impression (Lion’s offense is really vicious and what he’s most known for, but I never got to where I wanted to be with it). I’m not very good, but I managed to get the best of people who were clearly better than me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Describe your style of play, and how do you play (local, online, etc.).
I don’t recognize myself having a characteristic “style” and spend more effort just trying to adapt after every match, learning each lesson the hard way. Knowing my limitations/priorities, I end up trying to pick something easy (read: dumb), not intimidating to pull off, and/or can squeak by with fundamentals or psychology (I’m pretty shameless about it too). Those are understandably vague descriptors, so there’s not really a lot of consistency I guess. In 3S(OE), I mainly played Makoto (like a hyperactive child), in MvC3 I went with scruby, online-friendly teams, in SFIV I primarily used Boxer (very defensively). Sometimes I challenge myself to do more than that, but then my wanderlust kicks in. My internal conflict is trying to balance the pressures outside the game (such as other games) and learning in a slow, organic fashion that I find most fun.

I’m pretty much an “online warrior”. Something I wouldn’t mind changing (this makes Smash more appealing given I’m on a college campus anyway).
What do you feel are your biggest strengths and weaknesses as a player?
I would say my biggest weakness, as I’ve alluded to, is that I don’t dedicate myself to any one game or genre. On a normal year, I make it a point to play several dozen games extensively, covering every genre I can. Additionally, I tend have a hard time retaining highly specific knowledge and muscle memory in this mix. I hope that isn’t interpreted as an excuse though, because I still have a strong sense of pride in seeing myself progress (or surprising myself) in this context and am fairly comfortable with getting beat up by better players as I inch closer. I guess my strength would then be having become so used to picking up new games that I’ve become fairly used to the learning process, if not rather good at it. I tend to have a good eye for what I need to experiment with and what I ultimately need (and don’t need) to accomplish for some minor goal I set, all while never becoming too frustrated (well, I curse and shout like a mad man, but that’s part of the appeal). This doesn’t translate to success at a higher level, but it means I can hold my own enough to get what I want done and learn/appreciate/critique the systems and in this I’ve been fairly successful. If it wasn’t clear, I’m not only talking about fighting games.
Best and worst moments in the your fighting game career?
“Career” lol. Having a hard time making stuff sound entertaining and I’m running out of space anyway. As a tangent though, my favorite moment as a member/lurker of FGW had to be the crazy Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s roster leak. The worst was that entire Lupinko riddle BS. Come on.
What do you want from future fighting games?
Virtua Fighter 6.

For something more practical: I’d like to see developers learn from each other when it comes to polish and features: Training mode options, online capabilities, easier button checks, etc. Mike Z. of Skullgirls really has a good head for these things.
Who should be on next week's GAF Player Spotlight?
Unison :3

Or someone who doesn’t live in the states.

09/30  Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (NA) (EU: TBD)
10/03  Super Smash Bros. for 3DS (NA/EU) (AU: 10/04)
10/15  Killer Instinct Season 2 (NA) (EU: TBD)
11/13  Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (JP) (NA/EU: TBD)
12/04  Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- (JP) (NA/EU: TBD)
Q4     Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!! (EU)
Q4     BLADE ARCUS from Shining
Q4     Rise of Incarnates
Q4     Skullgirls Encore
Q4     Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm
XMAS   Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
SPRING Dead or Alive 5: LAST ROUND
04/15  Mortal Kombat X
2015   Dragon Ball Xenoverse
2015   Rivals of Aether
2015   Under Night In-Birth (NA/EU)
TBD    Beast's Fury
TBD    Next The King Of Fighters Title (tentative)
TBD    Tekken 7
TBD    Tekken X Street Fighter
TBD    Yatagarasu: Legend of Raven

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twc sucks balls. Internet has been going in and out all weekend due to some bullshit I have no idea about

edit: dced right after I made this post. and lol enzo that shouldve been the title


I hope Tekken 7 is fun... pleeeeease be fun...

EDIT: The "Career lol" answer takes up two spots in the spotlight column.

Formatting drama!

though, I thought "Career lol" as an answer to both questions was pretty funny...


Man, I honestly doubt I'll play either game much.
Both are coming out at such a bad time.
Probably Super Smash Bros for 3DS more, since it's portable.

Heck, I doubt I'll ever touch Super Smash Bros for Wii U beyond registering the Club Nintendo code if the November 21 thing holds.


tagged by Blackace
Gonna have a lot of 5-20 minute breaks in the new place I'm volunteering which is pretty perfect for getting Smash 3DS games in. I am excite.

At Uni too, so who knows I might be able to challenge people who are at school that day.


I typically lurk these topics but I just came in to say that Enzo copy and pasted the "what do you want from future fighting games" part of the interview wrong.


Sad at no bukkake in the thead title- ahh well.

I identify with Riposte's problem from the reverse angle- I spend a ton of time playing marvel because I'd rather be decent at one game than bad at a bunch, but at the same time it kills me because there are a lot games (fighting and otherwise) which I'd like to play as well :(
lm leaning towards picking p4u2 and actually putting time into that game. Been so busy this semester and keep on getting hit with unexpected shit this past couple of months which has got me down


Gonna end up with SSB4, but I don't know if I'll play it that much since I think the 3DS version will be really weak compared to the Wii U version. If the online isn't borked, I'll put some time into it.

Ultimax is really fun. Enjoying it more compared to P4A, which had all the crazy okizeme crap that they thankfully made a conscious effort to take away.


anybody know of any stores having good deals on smash?

Are you in the US? If you are, find someone (like me) who's a member of Best Buy's Gamers Club Unlocked to order you a copy with the 20% discount.

Outside of that, don't expect anything substantial anytime soon.


Smash is coming out soon? No wonder people were asking me if I was getting it recently.

EDIT: Oh, a few days after P4U. God bless the release date list.


played a edition select ft10 with my brother the other day.

Super Bison vs Vanilla Sagat, 9-10 my loss :(

Man i miss having motion U2 with Bison tho. Made him a much more dynamic character and much more fun to play. Being able to react to fbs, focus attacks and some whiffed moves made me feel powerful playing Bison and that felt good.


This is the week we finally see Tekken 7! GET HYPED!!!

Forgot all about that, pretty excited to finally see gameplay. Interested to see how an UE4 fighting game turns out.

Hope it's not like GGXRD where we get a bunch of 360p video.
Forgot all about that, pretty excited to finally see gameplay. Interested to see how an UE4 fighting game turns out.

Hope it's not like GGXRD where we get a bunch of 360p video.

I would suggest killing that hope. I'd be very surprised by high quality videos, and pleasantly surprised at that.

I'm eager to see the revealed roster, and I am especially eager to see and hear about possible changes to Tekken's system. Good thing I'm working overtime a couple of days this week, it'll make the wait shorter.
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