Fighting Tournament Weekend: CEO 16 Featuring Kenny Omega & Xavier Woods(06/24-06/26)

May 24, 2013

Kenny Omega is attending CEO 2016! So is Xavier Woods! They're doing to do some sort of dumb promo together and all of you are going to mark out!

I hope Kenny Omega power slams Jebailey.

Streams: (main stream/top 8 on Friday/Saturday/Sunday except for SFV) (exclusive SFV singles tournament stream) (USFIV pools, SFV Team tournaments, UMvC3 pools & semis, MKXL pools & semis) (Guilty Gear Xrd Rev pools and semis) (Tekken 7 pools and semis) (Melee single pools & semis, Smash 4 single pools & semis) (Melee singles and doubles pools & semis) (Smash 4 singles and doubles pools & semis) (Pokken pools and semis) (Restream of CEO stream with Floe's commentary) (KOFXIV casuals)




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Anime Side Tournaments:

Tsuntenshi is running it, please follow this person in order to see if there is a stream for the side tournaments.

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Jun 4, 2014
Really excited for several of the games!

Also I don't think smash was in the ring last year IIRC so that is a nice to see them there this year.
Jan 19, 2006
I kind of, really want to enter that UNIEL side tourney but it's been so long since I last played that I'm probably complete garbage in that game right now.

I'll probably enter anyway