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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Announced (First on PS4)

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May 19, 2013
Glad to see Kitase knows how to do interviews. If I had to read yet another Tabata-style interview it would be rough...

Then they will get backlash from the new players.

The backlash will happen no matter, they just have to make whatever they want.

Then... What are they aiming for? Nomura said it won't be the same and Kitase said it won't be "typical" action. That doesn't really clear anything. Actually, it just increases the amount of discussion on the matter since now it won't be either.

Chain of Memories battle system do it.
Well, the only thing that matches that description would be LR, which I would welcome :p It's not full-on action, but feels more immediate than turn-based. If you think about it, it's basically ATB, anyway, just with Commands on dedicated face-buttons instead of being menu-driven. It isn't automated like FFXIII and you could have full party-control easily. I once described my idea of that and I think we'll get something similar.

As I said a few days ago, FFX-2 + LR with a few tweaks would be perfect. My idea in short:
- Face-buttons for Attack, Defend, Item (select from list with D-pad), etc.
- For each character You have 2 "Sets" for spells which can be accessed by holding L2/R2 + the according face-button or D-pad-button, so 2 x 8 slots = 16 in total (basically like LR, or actually more like FFXIV, I guess)
- Everyone acts out the command instantly, your and enemies' attacks can be cancelled in some cases (like FFX-2)
- If several characters have a full ATB bar you can switch between them with L1/R1 (you could do the same by "Skip Turn" with Triangle in the older FFs) - they don't act until you choose a command (unless you activate Auto-Battle)
- Options-button for quick-access to settings like battle speed, camera or Auto-Battle style (only attack, all-out, etc.)
- You can move around the characters like in FFXII or LR (not sure about how this would affect damage done/taken depending on your distance to the enemy)

Ya? Nah?
Not open for further replies.