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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius |OT2| All your Shadows Belong To Us

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Now I can work without worrying about it. And there will be a good compensation for this screwup... WOW

hahaha they aren't going to give us anything good. It already shows the compensation is 60 NRG 200 Lapis and 1 Ticket a couple of Cactuars etc. The NRG alone isn't even enough to compensate what you lost.


It's just a Vision.

They probably lost the source code.

A fantasy based on reality.... right???

Would it be a horribly bad idea to start OT3 during the mainten....complete rebuild of the server with at least 10 more pages of us complain.... constructively critiquing the Gumi's intellectual mastery of computer programming?
Not open for further replies.
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