Final Fantasy Brave Exvius |OT3| A How To Guide Of Pulling Out To Avoid Bediles

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The FFBE OT How To Play Guide.

Step 1 - Download the App on Any Mobile Store.

Step 2 - Play The Game
Step 3 - Earn Lapis or Purchase Lapis to spend on new characters or to Increase Slots. This is the pay currency in the game, manage it well.

Step 4 - Add Gaffers to your Friend's List. A powerful friend is the best friend. Gaffers will carry through lots of hard content.

Step 5 - Use sources like Exvius Wiki, Reddit, and other Gaffers for sources of insight and knowledge on events and characters

Step 6- Spend all your Lapis chasing Orlandu and you end up with 20 Lani(s).
Step 7 - I haven't watched Simpsons
Important Links -
Exvius Wiki
A More Helpful, but Simpsons-less OT2
Exvius GAF Playbook: A catch-all informative document listing GAF user IDs, tips for beginners, tips on composing your team, unit rankings and more!

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We sincerely apologise for the extension to our weekly maintenance. As a token of our regret, please accept 1 lapis for every hour the maintenance was extended. Thank you.
Extended Maintenance! So, 1700 EST time now?

I'm thinking that's like 3,000 free jewels for everyone. lol

I have an exam at 1700, so, I won't be able to play until like 2100 tonite.
So..... if we get another another another downtime, does that mean that the next compensation will be 2 Phoenix Downs and 1 Magic Key?
Got kicked out of my office because workers are reconfiguring my desk. Today would have been PERFECT for Lightning runs. This is unreal. How can a game with so much client-side processing need this much maintenance?
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