Final Fantasy Brave Exvius |OT3| A How To Guide Of Pulling Out To Avoid Bediles

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30 min left before pulling another Lani, yikes!

Do you guys know when WOL/Garland will get their 6th star? I don't have luck and never pull great unit out of the box 😐
I feel like I'm the only one who's been okay with the super long maintenance mostly because it's been during my work hours so I wouldn't really be playing anyway.

But for everyone else, I understand. This sucks.


I'm dying here.

This is an epic tier IT failure at this point.

Demanding at least a player's choice base 4* at this point, but realistically expecting 50 more lapis, 1 more gil snapper, and 1 more metal gigantaur.


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(It might be time to panic about the health of the game -- this is legitimately concerning and we might be talking about a rollback ... if it comes back.)
2am GMT. Awesome. Just awesome. Is this even going to be up before the arena reset?
Technically, yes.... if the servers do come up on time on the third extension.

Can't believe I typed that with a moderately straight face.

If there any more delays beyond this one, it is likely the arena week will expire before the servers come back up.
Reddit is going to be hell for some time :p

OH SHIT, imagine if it breaks my 192 consecutive login days!
People missing an entire day of gears/exp/TM/rank farming, daily login rewards and quests, arena points, and last day of the banner. How can they possibly fix that? I don't think any compensation Gumi is likely to offer will fix it.

Worst yet, if this is that serious we all might have LOST data/progress. Worst possible scenario. At this point it wouldn't surprise me if they lost a large amount of data and did not take a recent backup or prepare an adequate rollback process.

Give me a ticket that guarantees 1 of each character for this lost banner. I might have been able to pull Gilgamesh today!

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A serious moment here, considering the situation.

Three downtime extensions is rather unprecedented in scope. Something epically bad has had to happen at this point.

So... over/under on the Global created Christmas patch having bad code that ended up hard bricking the production server and Gumi is scrambling to find replacement hardware?
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