Final Fantasy composers say Final Fantasy XII Remake is coming

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Thanks to Mcdohl for the twitter screencaps.

The phrasing heard by several people (including two gaffers that are on location) was "remake" but because I assume the composers Arnie Roth and Hitoshi Sakimoto aren't technically minded so it could just be a remaster.
(This is what I believe.)
I'm going to assume it's just a remaster, but if it's a remake that'd be just amazing.

If it's a remaster, I hope it gets the same treatment as 10/10-2 and is half the price of course.

International version as well! 2nd best FF coming through! You'll get your day someday 6.

No that mobile abomination does not count.
FFXII getting the FFX/X2 HD treatment? Sounds great :D!

Lots of people have wanted that, so its great to see that be the case now :). Hope its PS4/PS3/Vita like FFX/X2 was.
It's probably actually a remaster. Which is absolutely fine with me. I've been hoping for this for ages.

I hope there's an option to play the regular, non-international version, though.
In sitting in the audience of Distant Worlds in Pittsburgh. Arnie Roth just told the audience there is a FF12 remake coming.
Was wondering how long it'd take to appear here. I give it as much credit as the goof from goofy's voice actor on KH3's release date.

No way in hell something like this would be announced by a conductor at a concert.

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So instead of making decent future final fantasy just remake old ones.


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FFXII remaster could potentially be awesome. Hopefully this follows SE's recent trend of putting big releases on PC, but if not it's another game on the list of reasons to get a PS4.

Seriously doubt it's an actual remake though.
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