Final Fantasy IV Official Sequel Announced. . .for CELL PHONES. Megaton, no--POOPTON


Final Fantasy IV The After - Return to the Moon

- Set after FFIV ends
- Play as Theodore, a young boy who is Cecil's blood descendant
- 2008 Feb: NTT DoCoMo (FOMA 903i models and up)
- 2008 Spring: AU (Win Brew supported models)
- Mobile phone exclusive
Compilation of Final Fantasy IV CONFIRMED!!!!
More like exploitation, as Vivendi CEO puts it

As much as I love FFIV, this kind of whoring is giving me a mixed feeling :-/
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Embrace your real CELL overlords, puny US handheld gamers!

I love this threads SO. MUCH.

Mobile gaming is fucking huge in <WORLD> - <N. AMERICA>.
\o/ ........Not a remake!

:/ ........Sequel *grumble unoriginal-reliance-on-FF-brand- grumble*

;_; .......Mobile? Noooooooooooooooooo.gif