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Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae |OT| Brought to you by Coleman™


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Nov 28, 2007
Noblesville, IN

When you’ve spent your entire life looking out at the serrated city skyline, it’s easy to lose yourself in the sprawling Duscaen landscape. The prince and his retinue were halfway to Cauthess when their daydreams came to a sudden, screeching halt—the Regalia’s last gasp before giving out to the unpaved backroads.

Now they were truly lost in the landscape: broken down by the side of the road with the Disc well out of walking distance. The Archaean, Titan, would have to wait. He’d been dormant for ages anyway. The first order of business was getting back on four wheels. - Square Enix

The demo is set during an early segment of Final Fantasy XV, where the party has temporarily broken their car and needs to gather funds to repair it. The gameplay and story elements are modified for the Duscae experience. As an example, weather will not change in the demo but is planned for the full version.

For all regions, the demo will include both English and Japanese audio tracks. Additionally, and perhaps unusually for a demo, you can load and save your progress, a necessity given the 3-4 hours of gameplay dictated by the demo’s story. The demo has been said to be longer than 3-4 hours if you go out to explore and deviate from the required story objectives. There are side objectives to pursue such as looking for Phantom Swords and exploring a dungeon.

In terms of battle, you may have seen co-op moves occurring in trailers. There is only one co-op move in the demo, as the co-op moves are supposed to be developed over the course of the game. For equipment, weapons used in battle fall under two categories, “normal” and “Phantom Swords.” In the demo you will start equipped with normal weapons and can find Phantom Swords by exploring the map.

You will not get a plain game over when your HP drops to 0. You will go into a “critical condition” with a red gauge displayed that will run out. If you use healing items or get healed by your companions, you can continue. If not, you will get a game over. To enhance survivability, when you camp at night, Ignis will cook you a meal which gives certain buffs. In the full game, you will choose what he cooks, but in the demo, he will choose himself. The buffs available are:

  • Fresh – Slightly increases attack, defense, and EXP gained.
  • Prime – Greatly increases attack, defense, and EXP gained.
  • Sharp – Increases critical hit rate.
  • Immune – Negates status ailments.
Below is the basic control scheme of the demo. If two input methods are given, PlayStation 4 is the first and Xbox One is the second:

  • Camera - Right stick
  • Movement - Left stick
  • Jump - X button / A button
  • Dash (Free run) - L3 button / Left stick button
  • Attack - Square button / X button
  • Combos - Continue holding down the attack button
  • Lock on - R1 button /RB button
  • Shift (Warp) and Shift Break - Circle button / B button (Warps to a locked-on enemy and attack, uses MP)
  • Guard - L1 button / LB button (Avoid normal attacks at the cost of MP. Requires timing)
  • Ability - Triangle button / Y button (Each weapon has pre-set abilities, which can be switched in attack by using the X button / A button and left and right sticks. Uses MP)
A few other controls:
  • L1/LB + R1/RB - Initiate Phantom Sword
  • R1/RB + O/B - Shift Break
  • L1/LB + X/A - Shift Avoid

  1. I don’t want Type-0. I can just wait for the demo to get a standalone release right?
    I wouldn’t bet on it. As aluded to above, it’s been specifically said that “We’re never going to release it as a stand-alone piece down the line.” Episode Duscae will never see a standalone release, but there is a different tech demo in the works as was seen at Tokyo Game Show 2014.
  2. Ok, fine. I can just wait to buy Type-0 when it’s cheaper right?
    Again, I wouldn’t bet on that. It was also been specifically said in the same post linked above that, “...it’s intended to be a special gift for those of you who purchase early — the demo will be limited to the “Day One” edition of the game, meaning that only the first shipment is going to have the demo in it.”
  3. I want a demo code. Can I beg in this thread for one?
    No. There are plenty of other ways to get a code. Go check the B/S/T thread if you want a code but don’t want to buy Type-0. If you have a code to give away, use Modbot and one of our great giveaway threads.
  4. I don’t have time to play the demo. How long will my code be valid for?
    If you have a code in your hands, it will be valid until until March 20, 2016. Digital copies of Type-0 HD will also come bundled with the demo for two months from launch.
  5. Does my progress in the demo carry over somehow to the actual game?
    Since the demo is just a slice of the game, no. But it seems like the team is interested in giving some kind of in-game bonus “thank you” to those who play the demo.
  6. I saw a car in the trailers. Where’s the car?
    Tabata decided that for a first look at XV, it was best to save the car for later and to give a more traditionally “grounded” FF experience.
  7. The demo isn’t running at 1080p and 30 frames per second. What is this garbage?
    Calm down, don’t lose your head. Full HD is still planned for the final version.
  8. How much of XV is done?
    XV is said to be at about 60% completion.
  9. I don't speak English or Japanese, so what text options are available?
    Audio comes in English or Japanese and the text can be English, Japanese, French, German, Italian or Spanish.
  10. How big is the demo?
    Approximately 6GB.

Special Thanks

Thread Created By


May 27, 2013
May 2006.

That's when Final Fantasy versus XIII was announced.

9 years later and we're getting an episode.

I can't even believe this is a thing. Oddly excited, but also nervous. I want it to be good.


Jun 7, 2004
wow this sure feels surreal!
not as excited as i should be after the two roster related revelations
but still can't wait to see more

can they finish dat 40% in 6 months lolol


Why are strippers at the U.N. bad when they're great at strip clubs???
Aug 7, 2013

Nice touch on the Coleman Kagari :)


Nov 24, 2013
Good OT! Even though I have no PS4/XB1 still eager to hear impressions from fellow gaffers.


Mar 16, 2014
That's about as interesting a description of a fix your car plot as you're going to get.


Feb 7, 2012
I think it's cool that they have a bunch of subtitle options for a demo. Curious to compare the quality of JP and English voice acting as well. Hopefully there are areas of the map that give some surprises that haven't been revealed in the trailers!

Never played Type-0 either (surprised it got an M rating?), so looking forward to this release quite a bit.


Jan 16, 2014
The demo isn’t running at 1080p and 30 frames per second. What is this garbage?
Calm down, don’t lose your head. Full HD is still planned for the final version.
900p/25fps for demo, am i right?


Jun 21, 2014
Nice OT, Kagari! I still can't believe that come tomorrow, I'll be able to actually play FFXV in some form; it feels so surreal! I can't wait :)