Final month to E3 2012: GAF's Predictions

Dark Schala

Eloquent Princess
-A whole lot of nothing
-No Genso Suikoden VI to make me happy. :(
-Maybe a good conference given how bad 2011's was in comparison to 2010's glory?

-Mr Caffeine is replaced with a dude in a Rabbids outfit and the conference is still awkward to look at

-Trying to guess what exactly are in Nintendo's boxes again, with choruses of "Satoru Iwata een bom zal droppen. Spannnnuuuuund!!!"
-Blood, sweat, and tears
-Glorious GIFs
-NeoGAF Hype Train Explodes
-Meltdowns and bannings
-Avatars probably going missing sometime before or during E3 like last time
Sony unveils partnership with STEAM on PS4.
Microsoft unveils Nextbox, graphical capabilities dwarf other consoles.
Nintendo shows 10 min gameplay footage of the next Zelda.

Good news on all three.
Nintendo - Will mess up the showing again, and Nintendo will get laughed at by everybody, and thus the Nintendo stocks will rise to the highest they've ever been...EVAR

Microsoft - More Kinect ball-tickling sims

Sony - They will continue to impress Sony fans with PS3 and Vita titles
Square Enix:

- Final Fantasy XIV 2.0.
- Kingdom Hearts 3DS.
- Sleeping Dogs.
- Dragon Quest X.
- Maybe a trailer for FFX HD.

- Some verbal note that FF Versus XIII & Type-0 are being worked on. Footage in the next year.

- That new Sonic Racing game.
- Yakuza 5 trailer.
- North American PSO2 announcement.
- Shenmue HD collections to hit XBLA / PSN (Verbal note, no Shenmue 3.)
- Hopefully make use of that restructuring & show off some awesome new IP's or return of older ones like Toe Jam & Earl or something.

- Considering they've revealed most of their 1st party stuff I expect all emphasis to push the Vita.
- Expect to see a lot of 3rd party games announced for the Vita as well.
- Also expect to see more emphasis on cross platform play from Vita to PS3.
- New Killzone or something, maybe new Medal of Honor or another map pack for Battlefield 3 being exclusive to PS3 for the first week or something...
- Footage on the Last of Us.

- Kinect 2.0.
- more useless entertainment stuff no one needs or cares about.
- Halo 4.
- New Fable.
- Possible announcement of some third party exclusive titles.

- Wii U will obviously be the main push.
- First party gameplay footage from Mario, hopefully Metroid, hopefully Zelda.
- Maybe the return of the Mother series by some form of a miracle. :p
- Wii U version of Dragon Quest X.
- That new Rayman game.
- 3DS exclusive titles.
- Assurance 3rd party & online support will be there at launch for Wii U.
Upon an announcement from Nintendo that is so good that nobody can physically comprehend its form, NeoGaf descends into civil war. Thousands of members are banned in the process.
Demos of Halo and the next CoD.
Bunch of silly Kinect demos
Unannounced exclusive from a certain third party developer
Nothing regarding the future of Xbox

A bunch of PS Vita games and other announcements
The Last of Us stage demo
Maybe one or two unannounced PS3 exclusives.
A couple horrible Move demos
An overall long press conference that seems all over the place just like past years.

All about Wii-U and their plans for the machine.
Third party announcements
Some first party announcements with one or two "shockers"
3DS redesign.

I think most of my predictions are within possibility.

Whatever this was about

If this is FPS Contra, I'm gonna punch the next user who posts after me in the face. I'm gonna mark down their name, wait until the reveal, find them, and proceed to aggressively extend my fist into the area that their face resides.
- Retro Studio's new Wii U title is a brand new main series Zelda that will launch with the
system (you heard it here first)
- Final Fantasy Versus XIII will get a new extended gameplay trailer, still no release date
- 3DS Metroid title announced
-Wii U launch window 1st party titles and Ubisoft titles to show 3rd party interest
-2nd gen 3DS titles (Metroid, Zelda MM, Donkey Kong 3D)
-DLC for Mario Kart 7

-Games on Demand version on the same day as retail for all titles forward
-Multimedia Apps for Gold (Amazon, Vudu, NFL, NBA, NHL)
-Numbers, exclusive DLC for COD, Borderlands 2
-Halo 4 transmedia strategy
-One or two good new XBLA titles

-Quantic Dreams new IP reveal
-1st party reel (Naughty Dog, LBP:Karting)
-SEN indie titles
-SCEJ Vita titles, PS2 remasters for Vita maybe a high profile (MGS1) remake for Vita/PS3
-Unfortunately: Move (Bioshock Infinite, Shovelware title)
-Versus XIII
-PS4 hint
Nintendo: Wii U blowout, 3DS game lineup, third party announcements
Sony: Major Vita announcements, GOW:A and PSASBR info
Microsoft: 360 price drop, Halo 4 and CoD: BO2 info, more boring Kinect games
NeoGAF: Lots of bannings, errors, meltdowns and all that stuff

GoW Vita
CoD Vita
Metal Gear Vita (not the HD Collection)
AC Vita
New IP Vita

Move stuff, GoW:A, new Last of Us info....

I think Sony is going to be almost completely Vita centric - anything PS3 related will be third party (with exception of Sony First Party stuff).

All Kinect I'm guess (not a 360 household here so I'm not certain).

Staples (Mario Wii U, Mario 3DS, some sort of Link and hopefully Metroid 3DS).

Guesses at the shock of the show?
- Wii U name change
- Vita firmware update to act like a true PS3 controller
- Diablo 3 on consoles in time for Christmas
No mention of new hardware.
At least 50% of the presentation will be dedicated to Kinect games. There will be awkward live demos.
A five minute plus segment of Call of Duty gameplay. Everyone falls asleep due to there being no talking.
Lots of multiplatform games shown off.
Non-game functions of Xbox Live will get a lot of play.
Lengthy demo of Halo 4.
Probably one major exclusive reveal.

Full reveal of the Wii U. Nintendo probably won't get into the power too much, but there will be game play demos that show off the system well.
The OS will be detailed, and Nintendo will give further information about the downloading of retail games.
Nintendo Network information will come out, as well. Probably a fair amount of details on what the online situation on Wii U will be like.
Pikmin 3 and the Mario Wii U game will get the most time, at least one will be a launch game, and both will be in the launch window.
A new Zelda 3DS game will be announced.
Smash Bros will get a trailer, but no release date.

Lots of Vita talk. At least a couple exclusive games will be announced. There will be no price cut. Cross platform play will be pushed.
Several of Sony's first party franchises will be coming to Vita.
Playstation All-Stars will be shown off in detail.
Lots of God of War and Last of Us footage.
The Last Guardian will actually be present, but there won't be a specific date given (although it might get a generic sometime in 2013).
Move will be discussed some, but not pushed too hard.

I really expect Sony to focus a lot on the Vita this year. They're going to be pushing it pretty hard.

Will be a train wreck.


- Halo 4
- Microsoft Game Studios Vancouver Project
- Ryse
- Class3
- More Kinect
- More Partnerships
- More Media (Xbox Music?)
- Some kind of killer inclusion to the XBL Gold package is made, counterbalanced by XBL Silver allowing for online gaming.
- Third party demonstration of FFXIII vs


- Zelda, Monster Hunter, Paper Mario 3DS


- The Last Guardian
- Playstation Vita Go
- ????????
Next to nothing new.

The major games we've already heard about will headline the conferences.

Maybe a couple of interesting WiiU titles.

360 will be arm flappy Kinect stuff.

PS3 will be all star brawl game, Last of Us, and God of War.

Vita will be versions of CoD, God of War, Last of Us.

3DS will be Mario. Possibly Luigi will be involved.

It will be the most low key E3 since the time it was shrunk down a few years ago.

No megatons.
  • CoD: Blops 2
  • Lionhead kinect/Fabled 4
  • Ryse
  • music crap
  • Halo 4
  • media crap
  • kinect/xbla games
  • surprise announcement from MS or third party
  • Stage demo's previous shown at other conferences
  • CoD Vita
  • AC Vita
  • That MonHun clone game
  • Sony Smash
  • MGS
  • GoW
  • FF Versus
  • Last Guardian
  • Western/JP vita announcements
  • The Last of US gameplay footage
    • Vita price drop announcement/redesign/colors

  • animal crossing, paper mario, luigi's mansion 2, MHtriG, Superior Epic Mickey, Fire Emblem, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Pokemon BW 2 apps, NSMB2, Super Mario bros 4, Advance Wars
  • Mario Galaxy 3 or Mario Galaxy HD, Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, Retro, Rayman Legends, Killer Freaks,3rd party surprises,FF 15, FFCC, KH, moaning and bitching, doom and gloom articles

  • MHtriG
  • Darkstalkers 4
  • Sf vs Tekken

  • Glee!
  • Yugioh
  • Some weird game no one will buy
  • Another weird game people will buy
  • Castlevania
  • Contra
What kind of announcement?
"Ladies and Gentleman, I am pleased to announce that Nintendo will exclusively produce...

*Extremely fast IRL montage of you rioting, getting smashed, doing lots of drugs, howling at the moon, laughing and eating mud off the floor*

Wake up in a ditch on the side of a highway, observe civilisation burning in the distance.
Nintendo: Plenty of people at GAF will claim that the games look like PS2 or that their 360 has better graphics, that Nintendo is for kiddies, that Wii U is not gonna sell and that they're doomed.
How the HELL did you get access to the Time Delorean?!?!