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Fire Pro Wrestlling HD - Leave none alive.

from SonnyBone @ FireProClub
SonnyBone said:
^ The original topic

If you haven't been following that topic, you're out of the loop. Time to get caught up.
Spike and GHM are being very nice to us right now. We owe them a giant thank you.
Be sure to read this ENTIRE post.
Read it SLOWLY.
All the way to the end. I'm serious.

NOW... for the info

On September 9th, 2009
For Playstation 3 and XBOX 360
Format: Download only
Region: Japan

Developed by S-Neo and Grasshopper Manufacture
Published by Spike

Fire Pro Wrestling HD
A new installment in the Fire Pro Wrestling series featuring high definition graphics and online functionality to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Fire Pro.

- Full 1080p support
- High resolution 2D sprites (3 times the pixel density of Fire Pro Returns)
- "Rebuilt" game engine
- XBOX Live and Playstation Network support for online play
- Unlockables
- Downloadable content (download moves?!)
- Custom soundtrack support
- Upgraded logo editor featuring "image import".
- Share edits and logos online with friends via PSN and XBOX Live

Confirmed modes

Champion Road
One Night Match
Match Maker
Point Battle
Team Mach
Online Play
Card Shop

Known mode details

Champion Road

A decision driven ‘career mode’ similar to Fighting Road from Fire Pro Wrestling G.
You begin by selecting your starting location. (Japan, America, Mexico, England)
You cannot use any default wrestlers or pre-made edits.
You have to start with a new character that has limited edit points.
Edit points, moves, and ring attire are collected by earning points in matches.
Points are earned based on audience ranking and other factors.
Your starting location also determines your available choices.
Advancing in Champion Road earns tokens that can be spent at the Card Shop.

One Night Match

All exhibition match options are available through One Night Match.

Confirmed match types

1 vs 1
Tag Team
Four Team Match ( 4 teams of 2 ?)
Battle Royale
Title Match
SWA Rules
Gruesome Fighting
Cage Match
Exploding Cage Match
Landmine Death Match
And 2 new match types that haven’t been revealed yet

New match features

Audience ranking for all match types
Captain’s fall rule
Lucha tag rule
Defend titles in any match type
New weapons
Match speed in custom increments (ex: 108%, 122%, etc)

Match Maker

The new version of Match Maker isn’t structured.
There are no objectives or pre-made scenarios.
You can book complete shows with defaults and edits.
All One Night Match and tournament / league options are available within Match Maker

Point Battle

A new mode to Fire Pro Wrestling!
The game randomly selects wrestlers from the roster for a match
You then bet on the outcome of the match
Tokens you earn can be spent at the Card Shop
COM vs COM only

Team Match

The standard 5 vs 5 elimination mode from previous Fire Pro games
1 vs 1 matches only


Wrestle an endless line of opponents until you lose
Earn tokens to spend in the Card Shop

Online Play

Play against friends or random opponents via XBOX Live and Playstation Network
Voice chat support
Online Point Battle where you can bet tokens against other players
"Party Play"

League and Tournament

Titles can be awarded to winners of leagues and tournaments

Edit Mode

Wrestler Edit
Ref Edit
Belt Edit
Organization Edit
Logo Edit
Ring Edit

New edit features

Logo editor allows for ‘image import’
Trade: Online sharing of all edit content
"Advanced ring edit"
Alternate attires for wrestler edits
Edit space is based on available hard drive space

Card Shop

This is where you spend your earned tokens to purchase in-game content.
Confirmed content: templates, default characters, alternate attires, artwork, videos
You will buy ‘collector cards’ for the unlockable material. The cards will be displayed in your card collection


OK... so here's the BIGGER news. We're the largest Fire Pro community in the world. Period.
Spike and GHM realize this. They want our input, and I've been chosen as the represenative.
This forum is for everyone to post their wish lists and desires for FIRE PRO WRESLTING HD.
I have a week to pick out the 10 best ideas (or most requested) and send them to my contacts at GHM and S-Neo. Make sure you understand what is already confirmed so you don't go requesting stuff that you don't need to. If you make a stupid request, I may be forced to skip your entire post. I don't have time to waste on ridiculous ideas. This shit is SERIOUS.

Let's get to work.
holy fucking shit?




And 2 new match types that haven’t been revealed yet
I would hope for Ladder or Iron Man but I am expecting the GBA matches Falls count anywhere

New match features
Audience ranking is great bonus right after the match, some of my favourite FP moments are in the GBA games where I had 100% matches for the showman fans.

Can anyone explain captains fall and lucha? Is lucha a mode where leaving the ring equals a tag?

I gotta go check out the thread and see if anyone is holding down MMA, with some minor grapple/rule changes FP could have KOC level MMA.


AstroLad said:
well i played fire pro d but i do hope we get a us release


Its cool though that it already has the option of full translation in the menu..So i wouldn't be surprised to see it come on the NA store as well.
There's also a separate thread on the FPC for Fire Pro Wrestling 20th Anniversary Collection for Wii.


Includes a new version of Blazing Tornado with contributions from Suda51.

Probably only a Japan release so modding will be necessary though.

We've been waiting for this for a few weeks now and I was crossing my fingers so hard for King of Colosseum 3 - no dice. :(


HOLY FUCKING SHIT! That is a straight megaton for me right there (if there is a way to get it on a US console).

I never would have expected that. And I'm really digging LoW right now, but man having Fire Pro on a current gen system, I would pay 80 bucks for it (especially with an english translation in the options).


There's also the Fire Pro Wrestling 20th Anniversary Collection for Wii owners.
Release Date: TBA
EXCLUSIVELY for the Nintendo Wii
Format: Disc
Region: Japan

Developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and S-Neo
Published by Spike

Fire Pro Wrestling 20th Collection
A collection of 10 classic Fire Pro Wrestling games and a new version of Blazing Tornado to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Fire Pro.

Classic games

PC Engine / TG-16
Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag
Fire Pro Wrestling Second Bout
Fire Pro Wrestling 3 Legend Bout

Super Famicom / Super Nintendo
Super Fire Pro Wrestling
Super Fire Pro Wrestling 2
Super Fire Pro Wrestling 3 Final Bout
Super Fire Pro Wrestling SPECIAL
Super Fire Pro Wrestling Queen’s Special
Super Fire Pro Wrestling X
Super Fire Pro Wrestling X PREMIUM

These games will be released with only a few minor changes.
- HUMAN logos replaced with SPIKE logos
- Officially licensed wrestlers / logos / etc will be replaced

Players will be able to unlock video interviews, concept art, and other extra content by completing certain objectives in the classic games.

Also on the 20th collection disc:

Blazing Tornado REDUX
Grasshopper Manufacture and S-Neo are combining their efforts on the ‘redux’ of Blazing Tornado.

The new version of Blazing Tornado is based on the original coin-op version of the game, but features new characters and scenarios created by Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture.

Gameplay will remain true to Masato Masuda’s original Blazing Tornado, but will be "expanded for current technology".

Confirmed characters

Eric Starbuck
Daijiro Zama
Wolf McSchneider
Baron Firebird
John Saigo
MASK de Smith
Ho Long
Skull Punk II
Jailbreaker Bullnoi
Thunder Ryu
Hizelshutat von Ludwig

Known modes and match types

One on one
Tag team
Battle Royale
Death Match
Blazing Road

BLAZING ROAD is a story driven single player mode where players take control of a rookie and fight their way to the top of the wrestling world.

There are 2 main story paths: Face and Heel.
There are multiple endings within each path.

Events take place both in and out of the ring.

Story sequences feature voiceovers. English subtitles will be an option.

The way you win matches will determine what happens in the story.

In addition to regular moves and finishers, certain "cinematic finishers" can be triggered during Champion Road matches. These are optional and will alter the story.

No edit mode in Blazing Tornado Redux.


Count down till the inevitable what about wii posts. Never played a wrestling game that I liked so am cautiously optimistic I guess.

EDIT: Spoke too soon. Now everyone will be satisfied.


because of achievements/trophies saved games will probably be locked, so no downloading of awesome roster edits. will buy for online play. 9.9.09, so far away :[


Worships the porcelain goddess
This is a joke right? The tears coming from my eyes aren't real are they? OMFG GENERATION REDEEMED!




ZombieSupaStar said:
so i can play this somehow on my us playstation right? assuming it wont get a translation (which if so ill get on 360).

I'm praying for the same thing...

I know there were some folks that found a way to get Tekken DR off of the Japanese store months earlier then it's release here... I hope that same loophole is still out there.


Kingpen said:
I'm praying for the same thing...

I know there were some folks that found a way to get Tekken DR off of the Japanese store months earlier then it's release here... I hope that same loophole is still out there.

Yes, it's called importing a Japanese PSN card or ticket.


dralla said:
because of achievements/trophies saved games will probably be locked, so no downloading of awesome roster edits. will buy for online play. 9.9.09, so far away :[
Edits were kept in separate saves for the last game


Oh, you mean that they removed the only reason people wouldn't want to play the games and increased everything else and oh, by the way, here are the old ones?

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