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Firmament confirmed for PS5 & PSVR 2


Didn't see it posted. Seems to have been announced back in March:
We’re excited to announce we are not only bringing Firmament to PS4, but also to PS5 AND PS VR 2!

Also cancelled for PSVR
That said, there’s a bit of bad news: We will not be bringing Firmament to PS VR as we originally hoped. NOTE PS VR does not equal PS VR 2. Anyone who wanted a PS VR version will instead be able to play the game on PS VR 2 (when PS VR 2 launches), now that the reward will include an entitlement to both the PS4 and PS5 version of the game.

New in-progress footage

I personally think it's fine they cancelled the last gen PSVR version, as it was pretty optimistic anyway considering the graphical scope they are going for. Hoping for a Cyan comeback, I think that Obduction proved that they have what it takes to make a Myst reboot.
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