first full Super Mario 64 level Mod released Super Mario 64-The Missing Stars

I thought this deserved it's own thread

Romhacking said:
Main Features:

* 38 stars in about 10 new levels
* A Day/night cycle replacing (most) act selectors
* Choose to play as Mario or Luigi
* Modified enemies, objects and bosses (too many to list!)
* Custom music, including one original song (the town “night” music)
* A new final boss fight

Instructions from the readme file:
Applying the patch

You'll need a Mario 64 US (NTSC) ROM, usually called "Super Mario 64 (U)!.z64"
in order to play this hack. Here's how you should proceed:

1) Extend your ROM with VL-Tone's Mario 64 ROM Extender:

If you are on Linux, you can try also Cellar Dweller's "alternate" extender:

2) Apply the PPF patch on the extended ROM with PPF-o-Matic 3.0: (there's also a Mac version hosted at the
same site)

The ROM should be loaded on the "ISO file" field (PPF is a format designed for
the Playstation, but works very well for N64 ROMS too) and the .ppf file on
the Patch field.

Note: If you are a Mac user, you'll have to use the ROM Extender v1.3b, which has
been released a few days ago (at the moment of this writing).

These two steps should be simple, but in case you're having trouble,
a tutorial will be uploaded to

Setting up your emulator

Once you have sucessfully extended and patched your ROM, there might be a
few adjustments needed depending on the emulator you are using, because this
hack, unlike the original Mario 64 game, uses extended memory (the Expansion
Pak) to get rid of some limitations.

Mupen, MupenPlus and SixtyForce doesn't require any special adjustments.
Nemu64 can't play this hack because it doesn't accepts the extended Mario 64 ROM.

In Project 64 (my personal recomendation), you'll have to change the "Default Memory Size"
to 8MB. To do this, click on Options -> Settings -> Options and uncheck "Hide Advanced
Settings". Click OK and now do Options -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Default Memory
Size -> 8MB.

Now load the Missing Stars ROM. If the title screen doesn't show up, go in
Options -> Settings -> ROM Settings -> Memory Size -> 8MB.

Load the ROM again and the hack should be running.
Have FUN!
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I am all over this. This'll be good incentive for figuring out a good way to get an N64 controller working on my PC. Until then, I'll have to *gross* play SM64 with my Classic Controller. =(
Only good Mario 64 hack I've seen to date is the Mario 64 NES Style one that Mama Robotnik recently reminded me of, but I don't know if theres been any progress since 2007:

Mama Robotnik said:
Super Mario 64 Classic NES Edition

Though the redesigning of Nintendo-64 games is still in relative infancy, a number of Mario 64 texture hacks exist. Of those available, I find this project was the most eye-catching. Its a simple idea done well, a re-texturing of Mario 64 with NES artwork. The result? A bit mixed on some levels (though the project is very incomplete) but many look suprisingly good. In particular, the field and external castle are very well realised, as are the ice levels. Some other touches deserve credit: replacing the castle artwork with sprites; having the bob-omb explode Super Mario Bros. 2 style, and dozens of other small touches.

Its not an improvement, nor does it intend to be. Its more of a glimpse into an alternate reality, and an interesting reality at that.

(Note - the screenshots are not the highest quality, I'd suggest watching the video to see how fluid it looks in motion)



Video 1
So I beat this yesterday, anyone else ever boot it up? I had a lot of fun playing it, actually.

A lot of the stars are as simple as jumping on a few platforms, but some were good fun. The game froze after I beat the game, so I don't know what happens after 38 stars. =(

This game has a better final boss than SM64.

(click for big)
SecretBonusPoint said:
Only good Mario 64 hack I've seen to date is the Mario 64 NES Style one that Mama Robotnik recently reminded me of, but I don't know if theres been any progress since 2007:
Oh God, that's hideous.
I've played that hack for about an hour, pretty fun. I should play through all of it.

And the best thing about it is, if the SMW hackng scene is any indication, it can only get better from there.


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Just played it for about 20 minutes. It's quite an accomplishment, and here's to hoping this spurs some genuinely good level design, but the current "expansion" is so bad. The levels are uninspired, and the music is hurting my ears.

Not bad for a first effort, though.