First look at David Harbour as Hellboy

I think the more slightly more menacing look could work well if Hellboy's personality isn't too edgy. The endearing contrast between Hellboy's demonic appearance and rather human mannerisms is always the first thing about the character that sticks out in my mind.

Like, normal people are supposed to find him frightening until they get to know him.


Now what's the next step in your master plan?
I guess he wasn't supposed to share that, as the tweet has been deleted.

But damn he looks scary there. I 'm liking this.

Honestly, I kinda figured they may just go CG for the character. Glad to be wrong there.
I hope most of the movie goes as practical as possible. Its Neil Marshall in the director's seat and he's great at keeping the effects pulpy and practical so I have no doubt even on a tighter budget this movie is going to look great. Dog Soldiers was a treat and Doomsday while not having a great story or characters, was a great looking movie that did everything from Mad Max style chases to a Knights on horse back oh and zombies.

Random Human

They were trying to grab your prize. They work for the mercenary. The masked man.
I wasn't really down with the idea of a Hellboy reboot, but it's cool to see Harbour get some more high profile work and he does look pretty good here.
I'll echo what others have said; I would have LOVED to see how GDT wrapped up his take on the character. I respect that Mignola wanted Hellboy to end on his own terms even if GDT's vision wouldn't have conflicted with his own. Harbour is looking good here and I remain optimistic.

It's difficult for me if only because I have always respected Perlman's body of work and him playing Hellboy was some of the most inspired casting in comic book to movie adaptations I have ever seen. It's a hell of an act to follow.
Looks great. More accurate to what he looks like in the comic.

I'm still salty we're not getting Hellboy 3 but at least this reboot looks like it's doing good so far. Hopefully they carry on the trend of using CGI appropriately.
That looks really good!

When I heard about the reboot I was like meh... Probably not as good as the original GDT trilogy with Pearlman as Hellboy but now, well this looks very promising!