First Screenshots From Assassins Creed 3 Leak

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I wish we can get a game that focuses purely and 100% on the historical timeline. From start to finish you live out a period. None of this modern day bullshit.

I guess this is a possibility after AC3 though but still, that would only be interesting to the majority but would also allow them more games in the future.
Holy shit. In about two days this game has easily become my most wanted in 2012. Wow... I wasn't to excited when it was just, "Assassin's Creed 3", but after the setting was revealed, and now these glorious screen shots; I just can't wait.

Just looking at all the possibilities that could be presented gameplay wise, is definitely exciting for me. Now I'll just wait desperately for some info on the gameplay itself.


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Is it just me or is the dog hovering in mid-air?


the longer I stare at it the more out of place it looks
With the exception of the last forest picture most of the models are photoshopped into the scene. Notice how the scene breaks after the second life of redcoats and character models suddenly get super blurry? Yeeeeeeeeeeeah.
I hope the bomb mechanic stays out of this game! AC3 looks like its going to be full of some new and interesting mechanics which is going to be interesting to see.

I personally LOVE the character design, hood and all. I cant believe people are complaining about it.
Really really glad they are switching everything up....looks like it might be an actual assassin/stealthy game instead of the action brawler it is now
Very nice looking. I had my doubts about the setting but this project is looking more and more impressive. This really does make Revelations seem like filler, although it wrapped up Ezio/Altair's story nicely.


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I wish we can get a game that focuses purely and 100% on the historical timeline. From start to finish you live out a period. None of this modern day bullshit.

I guess this is a possibility after AC3 though but still, that would only be interesting to the majority but would also allow them more games in the future.
Nah, it's part of the appeal. In all the games you can just skim through the modern sections (which are minimal) and just play the historical parts anyway, no real point in leaving it out as many people enjoy the mixture. For all its worth the Desmond/end of the world stuff is coming to a close in this game.

Are we still talking about the fucking hood.
lol, hopefully they'll disclose you can take the hood off so people can stop bitching about it.

No more hidden blade? :(
I can see it appearing in some form but I'm curious about it from a gameplay perspective. The hidden blade makes a lot of things very easy in the previous games and it would be interesting if it wasn't around this time.

Really glad to see the game in a new location.

Which assassin is it this time?
New one, we still don't know much.
Camouflage similar to Metal Gear? Change your outfit colors to match your surroundings, decreasing chance of being seen/how quickly they see you.
To be fair camouflage back in the day was considered cowardly or something, that's why they all dressed in bright coloured uniforms.
Visually, I have always love the AC series, but I found the gameplay to always be lacking.

Maybe this time...Maybe this time Ubi can get it right and make me believe!


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From the other thread. Thanks to rockman zx

rockman zx said:
Okay, so I realize that news sites are already leaking info related to the leaked GameInformer article on Assassin's Creed III, so I suppose I will do the same here, even though it may not be quite right... Though it's either us or them.
Here is a basic rundown of the new features in the upcoming GameInformer article, to be released next week:

- The new Assassin is the son of a Native American woman and a British soldier. His calls himself Connor, but his birth name is Ratohnhaké:ton. Born into the Mohawk, he eventually crosses paths with the Assassins in his search for righteousness.

- Connor is quiet and stoic, letting actions speak for words rather than conversing with others. In contrast to Ezio, Connor is a freedom fighter who acts in the name of justice rather than on personal revenge.

- Settings will include Boston, New York and a large countryside. The countryside will be the setting of about 1/3 of the game, and will be the location of many events during the game. The countryside will be about 1.5 times as big as Rome in Brotherhood.

- The protagonist will fight on the American side, with primary allies George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Charles Lee. However, this does not mean that the Americans are the good guys and the British are the bad guys. Templars are everywhere…

- There will be seasons in the game, meaning that the sun will shine during summer and the landscape will be covered in snow during winter.

- Fighting and stealth will be completely re-innovated, with Connor being compared to a “predator”. The player will be able to climb trees and other natural elements, and dual-wielding weapons such as a dagger and a mohawk is now also an option.

- Animals will be present in the woods, like deer and bears. The player will be able to kill them and pelt their skins, to sell them later with the reformed economic system of the game.

- There will be puzzles similar to The Truth, only they will not be given by Subject 16.

- Desmond will go into the new Animus 3.0 and will find himself going into “significant events”.

- 100% sync in memories returns, though this time you will be rewarded when you complete memories to 100%. Checkpoints will also be introduced to mission replay, meaning you don’t have to replay an entire mission to get that 100% sync.

- The Brotherhood, or Assassins Guild, will return in some form, albeit differently than we have seen before.

There will be no more Mercenaries, Thieves, Courtesans, Romani or other factions, but there will be a replacement for them.

- Den Defense will not return.

From the AC wikia, it was removed but someone saved it. I'm not sure if this info is allowed, moderators delete if you feel like is not right to post it.
This makes me happy. I for one found Ezio fucking annoying. That guy really never knew when it's time to shut the hell up.
Oh my

And the Native American protagonist makes even more sense now. There's not many periods in history or locations where you can contrast nature vs 'civilization', in gameplay as well as in environment and story.

Has any game done tree-parkour before?
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