First ShootMania: Storm screenshots! (+ previews)


Graphics look NICE. ShootMania is a first person shooter from Nadeo, the TrackMania developers. You can make FPS maps the same way as you make racing maps in TM.

For PC only. €19.99 in Europe.




ManiaPlanet said:
ShootMania Storm is coming out this year! A fast-paced FPS where players like you are given the central stage. Come to enjoy the pure online madness in 1v1 or team based battles. You decide what you want to play, and if it is not available, it's up to you to create it and show the ManiaPlanet gaming network what you are all about. For fun or competition, Storm will be out soon to bring you thrilling games!

EDIT: Gameplay clips:
Hope people can mod new weapons, movement and play styles in too, not just modes. I'm not big on pure Quake-likes. Hell, even if I really wanted something Quake-pure then I wouldn't care for the customisability either, outside a level editor, so I'd be just as happy with DM/TDM/CTF/Instagib/mutators etc in Nexuiz or whatever is around the corner. So, high expectations. And hopes.
By having an easy to use editor they're going to attract a huge audience of modders who were left behind by the complexity of Hammer and forgotten by DICE. That's cool enough.

I feel like they left the Trackmania 2 community out to dry, it really shrank and I bet their numbers are quite poor (judging the leaderboards they really are). Who knows if they'll just ship this and then go make their RPG forgetting about it.

They're talking about all this planets shit like it wasn't entirely superfluous in TM2. I have no reason to expect it will be any different in Shootmania.
It looks good, but I really don't like the environment. I expected something cleaner so hopefully there are variations of environments in there.
From RPS:

It takes a little bit to get used to jumping with the right mouse button. Every journo playing the demo (including myself) instinctively pressed the spacebar at some point, which has rather sneakily become the chat button in this game. This led to some of those wonderful death cries native to PC gaming. “Wwwwwddsssddddd,” cried one journo, as two rockets lodged in his gullet. “Sssaaaaaaaawd,” cried another, as a rail gun round passed through his face.
Yeah that article is excellent, perfectly balanced between an entertaining read and getting across all necessary information.

When someone asks how much the first game will cost, he jokes that we get a special deal: “In the UK? Uhh, one thousand pounds! Ha ha.” I suspect this is a jibe at the UK’s recent European treaty veto, which earned Britain a lot of bad press in France. And suddenly I feel like standing up and shouting, “No, Florent! I’m not one of them! Je suis Irlandais! Take me to your French socialist paradise where everyone shoots at each other and laughs!” But I don’t do this. It would be unprofessional.
I missed this yesterday. Holy shit! Looks really nice, but the map editor and maps look like... a racing game's map editor and maps.