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First super early footage of Unreal Tournament


We'll probably be seeing a LOT of this game before it even hits beta :lol
Looks good. A public alpha should be out by the end of the year. The engine part is done, its really just creating assets and coding game logic.


Definitely looks like a game that's had a very small team working on it for three weeks. Don't ask how sausage gets made, etc.

That said, is the placeholder character model the one from the Unreal 4 "Shooter Game" sample project? Hopefully it is and they stick with those proportions to head off complaints about UT3's Gears-esque art direction.

The real question is how much will it downgrade before release?

None, because it's only for PC.


Its nice seeing that even big games have to start somewhere. I know that is pretty obviously true, but you just never see that part of development on something of this scale.


I pulled it down from their repo a couple weeks ago and they had some cooler blocked out map layouts than the default FPS template map they're playing on. Must not have wanted to show those unfinished?


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That is early but it looked like a lot of fun. :)


Awesome find! Looks like it's coming along nicely and looks pretty... well, like Unreal. Can't wait!!



I'm hoping for an alpha release by end of year at the latest. With Epic talking up just how easy UE4 is supposed to be, and given the type of cool and playable stuff that comes out of game jams in a week's time, I really hope we'll get to play this earlier rather than later.

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That whole office environment seems very 90s. I love it.


Yeah it's super early but that's the kind of movement I wanted to see (but yeah, maybe a little slow but hard to say). Good stuff.
Not gonna lie, I would totally play it in its current form and enjoy it too.

Needs to be sped up a little though, looked pretty slow in the footage.


I love the open development process. So refreshing. And nice seeing those little classic Unreal icons on the desktop.


All I want is the classic Redeemer to return


Taking up a full quarter of my screen made me feel all bad assy.


I wouldn't worry too much about game speed at this point, they said the movement was very early and they probably haven't spent a ton of time fine-tuning it yet.

That might also be an area where they ask for community input as to which existing UT game it should take after.
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