First Wii Screens of 007: Quantum of Solace - Eye Bleeding Commences NOW!


The Conduit's main menu screen probably has more effects and hard work put into it.

Activision, we salute you for putting the most absolutely minimal effort possible into your Wii titles!
Honestly, after playing the PC demo all dialed up my graphical expectations for this title across all platforms took a bit of a hit.


:lol :lol

That... no... really, PS1 does better water.

Has Activision made one visually appealling wii game yet?

new meme?

Quantum of Hydrous


he's Virgin Tight™
Ya guys, I didn't want to troll but...

holy fuck that looks like a Nintendo 64 game! Maybe a special, custom WiiWare VC game?
What the fuck did they do? That stupid ass machine gun is about ten times as detailed as everything else in the scene put together. The developer definitely got the prioritites right. And I guess most developers don't even know how to do fake lighting these days.
The face on the Craig model is decent. Everything else: HIDEOUS. I knew it didn't bode well that they'd gone this long without releasing any media (though that doesn't explain why Activision felt OK releasing their hideous DS screens a month or two back).
What the fuck? Seriously can developers at least try? When this sells like shit and it will sell like shit, do we have to listen to more BS about 3rd parties not selling on Wii?