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Five Nights at Freddy's - PS5 Gameplay & Impressions


Game just launched. Played an hour or so and wanted to share some impressions.

- PS5 version install size is - 24.70 GB
- game cost 60.44$ in Canada with tax and stuff.
- game has Performance and Visual modes. No in game HDR. Just using the PS5 HDR for my own setup.
- Performance is upscaled 4K 60FPS. FPS is not smooth, and there are frequent dips.
- Visual is 4K 30FPS but the fps is horrendous in this mode. I was getting headaches playing it in this.
- The gameplay is mostly hiding and going from location to location opening doors and collecting stuff as the kid. You can jump into Freddy and control him as well, but you don't do much in this form unless you need to hide.
- The are no checkpoints. SAVE Frequently as the enemies tend to grab you out of nowhere
- The kid has a stamina bar. Never let it run out as it takes a while to charge.
- when you get caught its over, got to restart from save, so yea, have fun with the high pitched noise.
- Game isn't scary imo, can predict most things lol.
- Overall its ok, but it's optimization on consoles is poor.

Got nothing else to say as I need to play more. I'll update when i finish.

Performance Mode Gameplay

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