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Focus will announce 2 games at E3 (Deck13 & Larian)

Mar 31, 2013
First topic, I'll give it a try with some french love.

French publisher Focus Home Interactive (Bound by Flame, Farming Simulator, Sherlock Holmes, Blood Bowl, Styx) has published its first annual earnings, since it was introduced in the stock market in february this year.

Those are the results for the calendar year 2014. Bound by Flame did very well, so did Farming Simulator 15 (550.000 units sold as last december).

Sales : 43.8 M€ (47.3 M$)
Operating Income : 6 M€ (6.4 M$)
Net Income : 2.9 M€ (3.1 M$)

As stated in the press release (in french), Focus will unveil two games at E3. The first is the next project from Deck13 (Lords of the Fallen, which has sold almost 1 million, according to the press release). The other will be a "nice surprise for players and journalists" from Larian (Divinity : Original Sin).
Dec 22, 2014
Can't wait for Larian's next game. Hope it's another PC focused CRPG.

Deck13 is interesting. They have a good foundation with Lords of the Fallen, and I hope they can continue to build on it properly.

Disappointed we won't hear anything about another Bound by Flame. It was a mediocre game to the core but it had some good ideas that they could really expand on.


Jan 20, 2013
Whoa, the Divinity guys are already ready to reveal a new project?

Can't wait to see it!