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Footage of a Rejected Sonic Game Based on Vertical Platforming Has Surfaced

Looks decent, fun even. I have long criticized the series for being morphologically damned by focusing on the speed aspect.
There's a reason why Mario works every time.
Judging by the comments this franchise will always be trash.

Once all these Genesis freaks die, its going to rest on the shoulders of the Sonic Movies for kids to give a damn.

You guys deserve it, classic fanboys are the reason why SEGA is so afraid of exploiting Sonic's potential,
Idk about “potential“ but yes. And by classic fanboys you mean Genesis Freaks, but yes.


That's because Sega is latching on to a studio that isn't up to it.

Nintendo has absurd standards with their Mario games and will spend years polishing and iterating.

With Sonic they slap together prototypes and rush them out the door before even completing basic systems or testing if people like playing it.
Except now they're taking their time with Frontiers and they're actually letting people playtest it.
Also I'm pretty sure that would be a massive overstatement. (the last time that happened was with 06 (Boom RoL doesn't count, that was Big Red Button, and 06 was terrible for many reasons, but I'd say lazyness isn't one of them)


You guys deserve it, classic fanboys are the reason why SEGA is so afraid of exploiting Sonic's potential, and why they play it so safe now. instead of learning from what worked and didn't from their previous blunders, they change the formula, tone and direction entirely. now wonder why Sonic hasn't got a constant formula like Mario. atleast Frontiers seems like a return to what actual fans liked about Sonic.



Sonic fans are the most delusional fans.

All they want is 2D spites roller coster games that hardly make money for it to be worth it for SEGA. But at least its CLASSIC SONIC.
Well, TBH, any Sonic game doesn't make enough money, 2D Sonic is also great, and I agree with many that 3 & Knuckles is the peak of the franchise, but the problem is that people are too closeminded to accept anything other than that stuff, when a lot of the Modern games are good aswell.

Also, let's remember that most of these people aren't actual Sonic fans, if you go to places like Sonic Stadium, r/SonictheHedgehog, Youtube and even Sonic Retro you'll see that actual Sonic fans want more 3D Sonic.
Ah yes, in what bizzaro world am I where having common sense is being full retard?
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