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Football Thread 2012/13 |OT| The Beautiful Game

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For all your Soccer related talk, there is a separate thread for the MLS here

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GAFfers' Clubs - which team is the best supported on GAF? Link to a single post that I can hopefully update as well
AC Milan - dschalter, TheLucifer, Fady K
Ajax - Arjen, FeD.nL, Wessiej, Fady K
Arsenal - Anderson, Baconsaurus, Boozeroony, colonisation, DangerousMali, DOBERMAN INC, Dibbz, Freewheelin', Ghouse, Ingeniero, Jason Raize '75 - '04, Judderman, Kweh, Lightning, omgkitty, pix, Plasma, Salvadora, Fady K
Aston Villa - Awesome Animals, rodvik, Wes, Fady K
Athletic Bilbao - sneaky77, Fady K
Barcelona - FootballFan, Messi, OriginalThinking, Verano, Fady K
Bayern Munich- Antioch, Blablurn, elsk, Fry8, Hasphat'sAnts, Hieberrr, kingslunk, Nemic77, spidye, Fady K
Benfica - Andrefpvs, DyonPT, rvy, ThaneKrios, Fady K
Besiktas - besiktas1, Silphatos, Fady K
Blackburn - Jeff Albertson, Fady K
Borussia Dortmund - Phantast2k, Fady K
Celtic - Sage00, Fady K
Chelsea - Fintan, flintstryker, Gaaraz, GQman2121, Help Me!, JWong, Kylehimself, PrematureQuiche, SenorDingDong, steverulez, xintin, Outsanity, TrueBlue, Fady K
Club Deportivo Guadalajara - Regulus Tera, Fady K
Copenhagen - Woodenlung, Fady K
Corinthians - seabee, Fady K
Eintracht Frankfurt - thy_, Fady K
Everton - faridmon, sazabirules, Temrer, Fady K
Fenerbahce - UV-6, Fady K
Fulham - xbhaskarx, Fady K
Hamburger SV - The_Joker, Fady K
Huddersfield Town - Cindres, Fady K
Juventus - .Shodan, Charles, fadetoblack, Rikkun, Shake Appeal, Smeghead, Yurt, Zabojnik, Fady K
Leeds United - amitaiwinehouse, Fady K
Liverpool - Arnie, ATF487, bjaelke, bonesmccoy, CaramaC, Cerebral Assassin, danwarb, Dark Machine, Darth Sonik, DJmizuhara, elseanio, Feorax, Fry8, FuturusX, jamieson87, K444WSR, labadal, Mastadon, MarshMellow96, odd_morsel, operon, PaulLFC, PJX, Seep, severin, Shogun PaiN, Skoptsie, sohois, Vard, Yenrot, Fady K
Malaga - tolkir, Fady K
Man City - BattleMedic, confuziz, dc89, Manager, Meier, Fady K
Man Utd - Ashes1396, BLSwagger10, blurrygil, Brinbe, Cyport, Desmond, doicare, DominoKid, Dynoro, elfinke, Fëanor, Grover Cleveland, Jburton, K1LLER7, kharma45, KidA Seven, LabouredSubterfuge, LanceVance, magnificent83, pappe, pslayer666, Requiem, Salazar, Slizz, Snaku, Stubo, The Friendly Monster, Tim the Wiz, Tunic, Vivalaraza, Wilbury, WJD, yella, Fady K (Fady can't hate)
Newcastle - Carbonox_Ratchet, choodi, Chriswok, JesusTom, Keio, Kyoufu, offshore, Shahed1987 Willkiller, Fady K
New York Red Bulls - Judderman, Fady K
Olympiakos - gate777, Fady K
Palermo - Joe, Fady K
Porto - El Tigre, Letters, RaGe_pt, tonitoni, Fady K
QPR - Polari, Fady K
Reading - immy, Fady K
Real Madrid - Anastacio, bud23, Madridy, MPW, Noirulus, PantyPhantom, Spanish Wrath, Fady K
Schalke 04 - Sveitadurgur, Fady K
Sheffield Wednesday - Mat C, Fady K
Southampton - IamMikeside, Fady K
Sporting CP - BLSwagger10, LFMartins86, Fady K
Sunderland - HixxSAFC, madmackem, The Super Bob, Fady K
Tottenham - Bungieware, Clydefrog, near, NeoTB1, Scum, sefskillz, Ushojax, zomgbbqftw, Fady K

Let me know your team and I'll add you to the list (PM works better than posting in the thread).

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Fantasy Leagues for the season! We have two version: Just for fun free version, open to everyone, and then a paid version, open to those who want a prize to keep them motivated.

Enter the free one by quoting this post (to reveal the league code in EMAIL tags)

Enter the paid one by contacting The_Hitcher. Entry is £5, with the prize money so far at £130. Discussion is ongoing between all members about how prize money should be split.

teams for the paid league are as follows:

The_Hitcher89///Stark FC
PrematureQuiche///PrematureQuiche FC
Arnie///LSD Eindhoven
elseanio/// Sporting Lisbonjela
BLSwagger10///Puff Puff Shoot
Joe///Holy Cannoli
Jeff Albertson///Jeff FC
Awesome Animals///JTgate
choodi///Fatman United (choodi)
odd_morsel///Bacon of Hope FC
Freewheelin'///FreeWheelin FC
Spanish Wrath///Vuvuzela BRRRRFC
kharma45///Leave My Arcelona
Anderson///UnAthletic FC
Swance///Swance's Sexy Squad
WoodenLung///Voyeurs Young Boys
the walrus///TheWalrus
PaulLFC///Racing AbbeyNational
Snoopen///Arse FC
Keio///FC Voitto
Wilbury///JTbury FC
Sage00///Crystal Phallus


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Wales Online saying Laudrup's preparing for life without Allen. Times reporting we're closing in. Would be ecstatic with this as long as we ship out one of Adam or Spearing. If Adam still retains some value then I'd be happy letting him go to Fulham as part of the Dempsey deal.

I'm not sure if anything new was said but what happened to Rodgers not taking Swansea's players? I assume some of the players just want to follow Rodgers.
Just seen the clip of Sahin trolling Podolski hard from a year or two ago.

OMG I want Sahin at United so bad. Y u do this Madrid?
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