For those of you who vehemently dislike a console or console manufacturer, why? (not looking for a fight, actually curious)

I don't hate Sony or any company for that matter.

But I tend to avoid their products on the whole. While MS in particular has engaged in shady tactics as it relates to other companies and competitors... I'm not aware of them straight up screwing their customers over on purpose.

Sony on the other hand has done so several times. They knowingly lied about secretly installed DRM to customers in their infamous Rootkit scandal. That's literally biting the hand that feeds them. When PSN got hacked during the PS3, they knew customers credit card information had been stolen, and yet kept it a secret for almost 2 weeks. The quality of their hardware also seems to often be inferior to their competitors despite being priced similarly.

Even looking at recent events, it appears they haven't changed. Sony absolutely lead the campaign against Microsoft for the Xbox One's always online policy early last gen. Even included that video mocking Xbox's game sharing. Only for it to be recently discovered that it was actually the PS4 that requires an online connection to work all this time. Once the cmos battery in your PS4 dies, you'll need an online connection to use the console at all.

Their track record, along with their exclusives not interesting me, makes me avoid their gaming related products.


I think it's valid to hate certain consoles for what they offer and shit on them, if you don't believe in a certain direction for the industry and that console manufacturer is going against you interests, then you SHOULD hate on that company.

I love Nintendo stuff but can also understand why people hate their "gameplay first" attitude. That attitude had led to some complete jokes of games like Star Fox Zero, or a generation of Wii games that asked you to take a break every 30 minutes.

I fucking hated the 360 compared to the PS3. The console nickel and dimed gamers at every opportunity and lacked a lot of true exclusives. I blame its success for paid online and resent everyone that contributed to it.

Even though I got a Series X, I am worried about GamePass and losing ownership of our games. I support the Switch a lot because most games are shipping in a complete state without any bullshit day one patches.

Vote with your wallet and try to change public opinion on bullshit, it's all you can do.

Dr. Suchong

Sony not caring for my previously bought games, digital or physical on PS3 but than want me to sell new often mediocre remasters. Just a poor BC solution overall in comparison to Xbox. Shutting off servers for their first party games. Asking for PSN money but not investing to improve their infrastructure. Hell, even not owning their own infrastructure makes me not trust them at all when it comes to digitally bought stuff, nor should anybody else really. Continuing to be anti-consumer with raising prices of their games, shutting off storefronts for their legacy consoles. Asking a lot of money for controllers but not having the choice to use your already owned rechargeables so when the battery inevitably dies you would need to buy a new controller as a lot of people don't want to hassle with DIY solutions. Not having a great loyalty program in place.

Their new slogan:

Management that's like this:

And a leader that is known for only this:
So what's your beef? ;-)
Im not posing this question to be combative, or even to challenge anyones views. Ive just been interested in the psychology behind console warring, or what makes someone say “i will never buy a game console or game from x manufacturer”. Wheather you dislike playstation, Nintendo, or xbox, what is the specific reason you feel that way, outside of spiting someone else on a forum?

for me, i play more xbox than playstation, but i own and use both. I have since the ps360 generation. Ive always leaned xbox because it was where most of my friends were and the controller, but i dont dislike playstation at all. I adore many of those exclusives and i think the ps5 is a great console. I do have my gripes with both companies right now. But nothing that pushes me over the edge into hatred territory.

I also think that some times its fun to get caught up in the wars, exxagerating your opinion or stance to insight reactions some times. After all arguing is a good way to release stress. So i wonder if that plays a role?

I was born and grown as a big Nintendo fan, my first console ever was a Nintendo one, Nes, my favourite ever a N one, Gamecube, I had every N console except for gbc, Gba micro and Sp, sadly the N64 too(but played every one of its big title at friends places or with emulators)

But nowadays is not even a shadow of the Nintendo it used to be back in the days

Up to the GC era, N really was different, didn't need to compete with the others because of the passion they put in everything, games were perfect, consoles were crazy powerful, everything made from them screamed love

Then, since Wii times, something broke, and they turned into a scam-like company, before they made you feel like they did everything to make you have fun, now you can feel they want to rob you

Embarassing quality, shitty price policy, consoles who looked like 2$ toys, to the point even third parties lost any trust in them, horrible remastered editions sold at full price, who deserve no more than 0.80 cents each
Please understand, lol

And no, Even if I consider Switch to be an incredible console, love it and play the shit out of it every day, I, still not recognize the Nintendo I grew up with anymore

Probably, I must accept the N I know is dead for good
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I have no hate for any company. I have no love for any company either because they're not a friend they're a company trying to make money out of me. I see what their strategy is and who they cater to and decide which products promote the things I want.
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How I see it: it is that because console manufacturers (and most other brands) sow the seeds of division (maybe even unintentionally) through their marketing campaigns, and apparently because human beings are extremely tribal at their core, it works to create factions.

Sega does what Nintendon't, etc. It's harmless corporate propaganda but leave it to smooth-brain cavemen to make a religion out of anything.

Take a look at the CMOS battery thread on the PS4/PS5 - which I'm genuinely concerned about. I keep game systems for life and knowing one day I'll have to mess with the internals of a closed system to keep it running software I paid for is something I would not have signed up for - I think fans should push back on Sony for this obvious ploy of planned obsolescence for an online-capable game system, yet - it's hard to rally up with any Playstation-owning neaderthals in that thread to publicly shame Sony on their design choice because most of them see it as partisan politics.

"Yeah, but the Xbox won't play ANY games if not even connected to the internet" and nonsense like that which has nothing to do with the fact that their beloved manufacturer has done something anti-consumer. They can't take a minute to point the finger at their own camp without admitting something shitty about the other camp, because...? I dunno? Shows weakness toward the "enemy"? Helps them sleep at night for not choosing the "losing" side? They think they're "more intelligent" with their choice of plastic/metal box that runs software over the other choice of plastic/metal box that runs software? Who knows, but obviously it's some self-important bullshit and both sides do this, this is just the current drama that is available to see this in action. (Seriously, venture into that thread to lose braincells.)

All that said - you won't get an honest answer asking what's in the thread title from anyone because you're asking for logic and anyone who IS vehemently disliking a different plastic/metal box that runs software will simply provide you an emotion. A big concern should be that as we become more and more unwilling to hold whatever our beloved console manufacturer is to criticism, the manufacturers will take the opportunity to slowly make more and more anti-consumer choices in tandem knowing at least their fanbase will eat it up and allow them to set a new norm as to what's acceptable or not, like "always online consoles" or HD remakes where the resolution is just cranked up.

I can't believe "console warring" is even a thing.
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I gave up on MS about a decade ago after waiting year after year for good exclusives (like at the begging of the x360 years). Then the Xbone happened and found no reason to own one.

I bought a XsX back in January ( I think it’s a great piece of hardware) and surprise!! I’m back to waiting now. I haven’t touched it in like 2 months. Seems like waiting is MS’ best exclusive.
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While I have my preferences, I don't dislike any of them. PlayStation is my preference, but I have lots of fond memories of all of the major consoles manufacturers (and PC).
I don't hate manufacturers but I do hate fanboys.

Most Xbox fanboys are disgruntled ex Sega fanboys holding a 21 year grudge who wait on baited breath for Sony to fail. Sad.

Regarding consoles, Xbox peaked with the original, it was such a great machine hardware wise relative to the competition, had industry leading online and amazing games. They completely lost their way when Playstation started getting western developed software and they lost their edge. I swear its been 15+ years since the last great xbox game I can't even remember. Maybe PGR4? Racing aside I can't even think of one. Halo?

I remember when Sony got its shit together in 2008 with the launch of MGS4, that started the barrage of constant big hit for 12 years, always something big out and Xbox fans just waiting idly by. So they started attacking Sony for every little thing and thats imo what is the driving force behind system wars today. They are relentless so PS fans retaliate and shit is never civil.

At the end of the day I go where the games are, if that means owning multiple hardware thats what I'll do.
have: SNES, Switch
had: PS3, X1X
have: Ps4Pro, XSX, X360

I got into "modern" console gaming lat when the X360 slims were out. Have to say I have literally never had any issues with Xbox or Microsoft. Not saying they are great, and am not a fanboy at all, but still have positive expereiences only with them. No hardware of theirs broke ever, they are kinda customer friendly with digital titles, GAMEPASS ( I like indie games), XSX runs with my Razer controller that I'm so used to. I can invite ppl to games without adding them to friends list, I can have chat overlay so I know who is talking, the UI quick menu is fucking A. As of exclusives I only like Gears really, so not a big hit there.

Sony, fuckin hell. I'll get this out; the exclusives are awesome and uncontested. But... The OS is shit, when I have to open up a movie app like netflix it just loads the tiles into oblivion, when I want to open a gamer's profile it just loads endlessly, when I want to use the store it doesn't even load in or the purchase button disappears... And inb4 problem is on my end, it's not. It has been like this with 3 different PS4s in the household, and no it's not my network, I am a telco engineer and actually know how to setup a home network. It's just the fact that sony's servers are likely dogshit in my country...
Also the latest bullshit is the PS5 can't use prev.gen controllers.. I am used to my Razer cont. on PS4Pro and can't go back to the basic controller... I don't give a crap about the triggers with tensions to be honest, why am I forced to use a feature I don't care about...

Nintendo..fuck nintendo anti consumer money hungry shitstains. Also this far every exclusives for the switch feel overhyped to me, and I always end up just playing DeadCells or other rouglikes on it... SNES is at least an unbeatable legend of a console, love playing MK II, Mariokart etc on it when friends are over.


Nintendo Switch made me fall out of love with Nintendo

- I already played a large portion of the library on Wii U
- handheld gaming does nothing for me, I don't play video games outside of my home
- ugly UI
- Joy cons are the flimsiest crap
- joy con drift
- no basic Netflix app
- shit tier specs
- $60 games long after release
- half assed online

No thanks, Nintendo
I don’t dislike Nintendo, I just don’t care for it. I didn’t grow up with any Nintendo consoles, and it looks like they only market to children, or adults that grew up with the brand. That ain’t me. Good for them though. I guess.
I play all. I just want Microsoft to pressure Sony because I don't like the attitude Sony brings to certain things and I think Microsoft being more vocal with their fans, seeming more responsive to fans, pushes Sony to be better. I want competition. I don't dislike Playstation, because I support and buy Playstation as well as everything else, but I'm absolutely pro Xbox. I don't hate platforms.


Plays with kids toys, in the adult gaming world
PlayStation is running away from everything that made it good with breakneck speed between the exclusive lineup I don't care about at all, crappy anti-gamer policy and the anti japan stance its a non-factor

sonyfanboys don't even realize 90% of the people on here with disparaging views on PlayStation are PS3 era sony fans like me and and not that many XBOX fans they keep clapping back with gamepass quips sounding like complete tools Iike I just wanna play Motorstorm Apocalypse on PS5 dude
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Microsoft has been shit ever since I was a kid. On top of that, they are working with my government to spy on us. On top of that they have billions of dollars worth of military contracts, developing weapons and shit. On top of that they basically own our legislators. There are so many reasons to avoid Microsoft it's not even funny.

I grew up in a world where I was forced to use an Microsoft OS on every single desktop computer. Fuck them if they think I'm going to give them more money to play videogames I can play pretty much anywhere.
The hate is strong within you


A ton of time has passed so it's not like I'm over here seething or anything, but four 360 red ring consoles made me completely swear off Xbox hardware. I know it isn't a thing anymore, just won't go back after the experience that gen. Haven't really missed out on much, especially these days with PC.
I like Xbox less. Why? Because they have PR people who stoke console wars and a department head who actively denies such behaviour (which I hate equally as much as Aaron Greenberg's ugly fat mug)

Also they don't have much exclusives in terms of variety.

Only reason I got an Xbox Series S is because my PS4 Pro got its vents cleaned.

No opinion on Nintendo.

I don't vehemently dislike any console manufacturer.

But Konami can go f*ck themselves...
Aye aye... i'm also in that camp.

Takuya Kozuki and his ilk can go get fucked by a pachinko machine.
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What time is it?
I like Xbox less. Why? Because they have PR people who stoke console wars and a department head who actively denies such behaviour (which I hate equally as much as Aaron Greenberg's ugly fat mug)

Also they don't have much exclusives in terms of variety.

Only reason I got an Xbox Series S is because my PS4 Pro got its vents cleaned.

No opinion on Nintendo.



I love gaming. All of it. Sega, Nintendo, Sony, MS, PC, Console, Arcade, from Pong to Ghosts of Tsushima. If it's great, it's great. We have switch upstairs along with the series, ps5 in the main room, pc and arcade cabinets in the office. Gamepass, psnow, stadia, all the subs on everything. Waiting for nintendo to get going.

At the moment ps5 gets most attention as I'm playing Outrider and replaying Horizon.

I do get disappointed with them all for different reasons at different times. Most recently with Xbone fiasco and cancelled games last few years (I was Scalebound and Phantom Dust fan)

Really hoping Sony does somthing similar to gamepass with it's first parties, though I understand why if they don't.

Really hoping MS comes swinging hard next few years with some crazy high quality first parties like in xbox hayday. It's been a while, and they are due somthing big.

Nintendo continues to do it's own thing which I'm fine with since I grew up with their ips. I still secretly hope they come out with some heavy hitting hardware someday to compete with the big 2 haha but I dream.

They all make mistakes and get hated on for it, and they deserve it tbh. Keeps them on each other's toes.

Hating on 'the other guy' in any medium is really just an entertaining pastime for most people I think. Like in sports, you pick a team and cheer or boo and sometime get really really into it. Alot of Gamers are just doing this without realizing it cause competition is human nature tbh. There are the crazies that take it all seriously. But I think most of the time the ones arguing hardest don't even believe the silly things they are saying.
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I love all my consoles but I love laughing at Sony fanboys.....they have a blind devotion to their console of choice which transcends logic/facts and would happily argue with you about why gamepass is bad and paying $70 for dlc games is justified


I have a friend who wont buy anything from MS as they are 'corrupt' yet 100% supports Sony. You cant apply logic to people like that, it will drive you insane.


Nintendo - enforces censorship in the west, creates aritificial scarcity for their consoles, actively tries to destroy game preservation
Sony - forces western politics and ideology on Japanese devs, censors games worldwide, more concerned with Chinese money than freedom of expression
Microsoft - see Sony
When I was younger I was a SEGA fanboy (but also liked Nintendo a LOT) and hated Sony for displacing SEGA and beating Nintendo so hard that they would never make a high end console again after the Gamecube.

I play mostly on Playstation now, but I always buy every console. But the 90s were THE DAYS man....the creativity competition between SEGA and Nintendo was FIERCE AND BEAUTIFUL.


I kinda scared to even post this

I dislike Microsoft because of their extreme astroturfing campaign across the internet. Every video game thing online, there is a gamepass ad or people super enthusiastic about the Xbox.

In a reddit thread about how Sony changed the boxing materials for the PS5, the highest up voted comment was about the Xbox packaging.
And it seems like that everywhere.

Ps5 is current selling 2x of Xbox, but somehow Xbox has more fans in every public forum talking about video games.

I know some Xbox fans in real life, that sware its better then the Playstation, but even they don't come off sound as ad-like as many of these really enthusiastic Xbox fans online.
I'm a pro xbox guy but I hated og xbox back in the day cause it's more expensive and can't afford it and hate the idea of seeing something felt like superior to what I own let alone it's my favorite hobby which helped the difference making it too dramatic to the roof , anything personal and precious tend to be dramatic and sensitive about it.
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The Alien

Ive owned every XBox and PS thats been made (except the PS5). I'd say I prefer XBox over Playstation....prefer one but not hate the other. However, up until the PS3 gen, the PS was absolute fire. The PS3 was where it all came crashing down for me.

If I had to list reasons why:
  • Controller: XBox is vastly superior. Hate the DualShocks...not at all comfy and easily slips out of hands. Its kind of a big deal since u need to hold it to play.
  • OnLine: In a decade plus on XBox Live, never (seriously never) had issues with connecting. Meanwhile, my PS3 couldn't stay connected. Id get pop up notifications that it was connecting/disconnecting. Eventually i just kept it off line.
  • "The Hack"....why did it take weeks for Sony to inform people that their accounts have been compromised?


I don't like Xbox because the last time they had some sort of success in the industry they tried to fuck consumers over with DRM, Always Online and literally inadvertently spying on consumers. Same thing happened recently, they thought they had some sort of break through with Game Pass and they tried to fuck consumers in the butt by increasing Xbox Live's price in 100%. They also are known for paying "influencers" for advertisements without being clear about it.

I don't trust them and I think if given the chance they will run the industry to the ground if they have to just to increase their profits.
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