For those who swore off Xbox after DRM/Kinect: Did the Xbox One X convince you to jump in?

Did the Xbox One X convince you to jump in?

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Jan 8, 2019
i love the first xbox, and the 360, but so far, there's no reason for me to even consider getting an X. The PS4 runs games well enough and i don't really care about 4K atm either. My decision on buying a console is always for the exclusives, and to me, this gen MS failed, badly. If they fix that with their next console, then i might get it, but right now, only Sony and Nintendo have something that interests me.
Aug 10, 2017
No, because don't care about 4k right now. My PS4 Pro runs the games well. MS killed my decision to get an Xbox besides the PS4 and in the exclusive department is poor to me. I normally get all the consoles but will get the Switch maybe this year but no Xbox.
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Nov 11, 2016
This is actually the first time I've owned an Xbox. For me, the excellent BC and 4k support are what got me to give the One X a shot and I have been quite pleased by it. Interestingly enough, I've been very happy with the ability to buy old used games to use them on the system... which is kind of the opposite of what their initial push was.

I still prefer my PS4 Pro, but being able to play Panzer Dragoon on a modern console is pretty sweet.
Nov 6, 2004
No , i'm done with them for this generation . The 2013 reveal was too much for me . It's a shame 'cause i love my original xbox and the 360 . But there won't be an xb1 in my house .
Now next gen i'm not sure but if they give me enough new ip's , maybe . Then again i could just beef up my pc and be fine . We'll see ....
Oct 24, 2007
No. But the main reason wasn't kinect, it was that my 360 broke and needed to be replaced, this happened to x3 of my friends as well, so I came to the conclusion they were happy shipping faulty hardware. It also made me think, since this had happened to every one of my friends that the sales figures for xbox might have been substantially squewed by this.

When they started throwing their weight around during the launch of the xbox one, that put me off further. The price didn't help, or my memories of the UI, which I hated.

All in all (and expecially since I own a PC) the Xbox offers me almost no incentive to buy it. I should note that I'm from Europe and the brand isn't strong here. I only know one person who owns one, and there xbox is back in Australia. Right now xbox doesn't even enter my mind as a viable choice. It's more like a knockoff console in my head, despite it's obvious power.
Jan 12, 2018
My Xbox One S is absolutely fine. It has backwards compatibility with most of my 360 titles & I don't have a 4K TV. These incremental upgrade consoles seemed like putting the cart before the horse, i.e. wanting to cash in on the 4K market before it was even widely adopted by the public. It also makes even less sense when games still hover around the 30 fps mark (& sometimes lower than the base consoles...).

Console gaming isn't PC. I don't want graphics options & I don't want to spend valuable time tinkering with the visual experience. So in terms of the thread topic, it was the One S which made me "jump in" (again) to the Xbox brand & now I'll wait until their real next gen console & its specs/price/focus (versus the ps5) before I make my next console purchase.
Sep 19, 2017
Yes but they are far for getting my respect.

I have a X for BC (and BC is not perfect, not every gaames run at 4k) and the very few games i want to play that are better than ps4 pro. They did not manage to get this year good exclusives at the expection of Forza. I could live a happy gaming life only with my ps4pro but i'm a hardcore gamer so more power the better... silly me!
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Jun 25, 2018
I voted no due to owning a decent pc, and I’m already to invested into psn eco system.
However gamepass and xbox more aggressive buying of game developers hasn’t gone unnoticed and I am currently very pissed at Sony. So I might shift next gen.
Jan 28, 2018
Not interested in any gaming platform that has anything do with Microsoft, wether it's Xbox or that horrible disgusting Windows Store.

However they did start winning my interest and patience over Sony these past few months or year for their efforts, which Sony is doing none of, so I'm starting to consider the next Xbox over PS5.
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