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Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle to plead guilty to child pornography charges

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Feb 22, 2011

FOX59 has confirmed Jared Fogle, the former Subway spokesman, is expected to plead guilty to possession of child pornography charges.

Sources say Fogle will accept a plea deal. The U.S. Attorney’s Office will hold a press conference Wednesday afternoon to discuss the deal and charges against Fogle.

Fogle’s attorney, Ron Elberger, had no comment in regards to the plea deal. He said any information regarding the charges would come from the attorney’s office. Elberger did say Fogle’s suspension with Subway continues.

The charges come after federal agents raided Fogle’s Zionsville home in early July. FBI sources confirmed to FOX59 state and federal investigators were serving warrants at his home in connection with a child pornography investigation. Several computers and DVDs were seized from Fogle’s home.

More at the link.

Edit Thanks to Biforce of Power

INDIANAPOLIS (Reuters) - Former Subway sandwich chain pitchman Jared Fogle asked a federal judge on Wednesday to accept his plea of guilty to charges of child pornography and traveling for illicit paid sex with minors.

Federal Judge Mark Dinsmore must now review the plea deal Fogle's attorneys reached with prosecutors and decide whether to accept it. In the meantime the court entered a technical plea of not guilty on Fogle's behalf. Fogle, who became famous after losing a lot of weight on a diet that included Subway sandwiches, was placed on home detention and must wear an electronic monitoring device. No date has been set for his next appearance. Under the deal, Fogle would serve between five and 12 years in prison, pay $1.4 million in restitution to 14 minor victims, register as a sex offender and meet other conditions.

Subway fired Fogle on Tuesday when reports of the plea agreement emerged. According to the charges, Rusell Taylor, head of the Jared Foundation set up to combat child obesity, secretly taped 12 minors while they changed clothes and showered at his home, including two who were as young as 13 or 14. He shared the images with Fogle, who knew they showed minors, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said Fogle also received commercial child pornography from Taylor, viewed it and failed to report it. He stored explicit images of children as young as six, prosecutors said. Fogle traveled to New York City at least twice between 2010 and 2013 seeking sex with minors, and paid for sex acts with a girl he knew to be 17 years old and another girl younger than 18. He told the first girl he would "make it worth her while" if she could find him another minor to have sex with, "the younger the girl, the better," according to the indictment. Prosecutors said he repeatedly asked prostitutes and others to find him 14- and 15-year-olds for sex.

Police and prosecutors said in a news conference on Wednesday that the investigation of Taylor and Fogle started after a tip from a private citizen. Fogle became a Subway spokesman after losing a reported 245 pounds in part by eating regularly at the sandwich chain. He made his first Subway commercial in 2000, and appeared in a new one last year, according to Subway. Immediately after the hearing Fogle's wife, Katie, said in a statement that she would seek an end to the marriage.

"Obviously, I am extremely shocked and disappointed by the recent developments involving Jared. I am in the process of seeking a dissolution of the marriage," she said in the statement released by her lawyer. Fogle's attorney Jeremy Margolis told reporters in a statement on the courthouse steps: "He expects to go to prison, he will do his time... He will continue to make amends to people whose lives he has affected, and at some point hopes to become again a productive member of society."

Authorities searched Fogle's home in the Zionsville suburb northwest of Indianapolis in July, two months after Taylor was arrested on federal child pornography charges. Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven DeBrota said at a news conference that Fogle continued to seek paid sex with minors even after Taylor's arrest, but was not successful.

DeBrota said prosecutors were not concerned that Fogle would try to flee.

"I don't think he's going anywhere. If he does, we'll catch him, we'll arrest him and I'll prosecute him some more," he said. "I don't think Jared is going to flee very far without getting recognized."



All these years later I still chuckle at what a fucking moron that guy is.
Feb 28, 2014
Well, I guess that's settled then.


Mar 11, 2014
East Coast
May 13, 2008
Markham, Toronto
Plea deal better end with his ass in prison. Weren't people arguing that he was only dating 16 year old girls and that there was nothing wrong with it because it's "legal".

My view is, any grown ass man dating/having sex/whatever with 16 year olds never stop there. Hell any grown ass man with a 16 year old girl is a pedophile in my book, fuck your dictionary definition.

Lock him up, and fuck the noise of "show empathy" or whatever people like to argue.

Lock him the fuck up.


Nov 21, 2014
My unverified Jared story is that the only reason he ate Subway was because it was on the bottom floor of his dorm. He was too lazy to go anywhere else at the time.

ETA- he was a porn hound back then too.
Mar 3, 2011
usually page one gaf jokes are decent, sometimes they're pretty good

but what I don't get is when people post them even when they're straight up tenuous and unfunny

Not only here. Search "subway" on Twitter and it's literally the same jokes about footlongs and eating fresh over and over.

Bubba T

Nov 22, 2014
There it is. What an idiot. Threw away a lucrative deal and will forever be known as a sex offender, all for a fetish. Hope it was worth it pal.


Jun 5, 2014
That explains his drop from the 12 inchers to the 6 inchers.

Is the premise of the joke that all adults have 12 inch penises while kid penises are 6 inches or is the 6 inch sub somehow equated with kids? I'm all for gallows humor and if this was Ronald McDonald and someone made a happy meal joke I'd be ok but all the footlong jokes don't make any sense.


Thanos acquires the fully powered Infinity Gauntlet in The Avengers: Infinity War, but loses when all the superheroes team up together to stop him.
Oct 14, 2012
za warudo
Lose a bunch of weight, think you are invincible.

Become a marketing celebrity, increase this sense tenfold.

Result: this.

Sad story.


Nov 16, 2008
The number of celebrities and powerful figures involved in child pornography never ceases to amaze me.


Jan 10, 2009
There it is. What an idiot. Threw away a lucrative deal and will forever be known as a sex offender, all for a fetish. Hope it was worth it pal.

Its not a chosen fetish. Like he opted to like children when god was assigning interests. These folks are attracted to kids. If we understood that, we could probably ween them out of society/detect them sooner than later. You can't rehabilitate chemical reactions. 1 down, infinite number born today that have the same desires. As long as its framed as being a chosen pervert fetish, we aren't going to make much progress killing these sex-rings, or stopping the probably-billion- dollar industry.
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