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Former Tesla employee admits uploading Autopilot source code to his iCloud, allegedly took them to Chinese EV startup Xiaopeng Motors backed by Alibab


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Feb 9, 2009

Guangzhi Cao, a former engineer at Tesla, admitted in a court filing this week that he uploaded zip files containing Autopilot source code to his personal iCloud account in late 2018 while still working for the company. Tesla sued Cao earlier this year for allegedly stealing trade secrets related to Autopilot and bringing them to Chinese EV startup Xiaopeng Motors, also known as Xmotors or XPeng, which is backed by tech giant Alibaba.

Cao denied stealing sensitive information from the automaker in the same filing. His legal team argued he “made extensive efforts to delete and/or remove any such Tesla files prior to his separation from Tesla.” Cao is now the “head of perception” at XPeng, where he is “[d]eveloping and delivering autonomous driving technologies for production cars,” according to his LinkedIn profile.
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Mar 3, 2014
yeah... as someone who's from the same country, I'm not going to believe a single word from him or his lawyer. it's definitely a case of corporate espionage.
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