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Forspoken gameplay overview trailer (10 minutes)


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Check out this extended look at Forspoken's story, gameplay, and overview including combat, exploration, and Frey's magical abilities. Square Enix's upcoming fantasy RPG will Release on January 24, 2023.

There's also a blogpost:
Forspoken will include over 100 spells and abilities - and you'll want to get to know how to use them in tandem, because it includes a Devil May Cry-style combo grading system.

In an IGN-exclusive Gamescom gameplay video, we see a number of combat encounters, showing the game's heroine Frey swapping between spells on the fly and using combos to take down groups of enemies. The game makes very clear you're being graded on the efficacy of your spell use - a meter counts up from rank D to A, with experience multipliers offered for doing well.

The game ups your grades on a number of categories, from using specific spells enemies are vulnerable to, stringing multiple spells together, evading enemies using parkour, switching spells mid-combat, and seemingly much more.

It seems as though there'll be a lot to work with, too. In an introductory video, Luminous Productions' Raio Mitsuno said, "The core of Forspoken's gameplay is built around exhilarating action. By mastering over 100 of Frey's different spells and abilities, you'll be able to enjoy robust combat, exciting and intuitive magic parkour, and various missions."

The gameplay itself shows huge numbers of combos, from trapping enemies in a floating bubble that you can burst with piercing attacks, to using a jet of water to boost into the air and sniping with fire attacks from above. There's also a shot of Frey seemingly using an ice surfboard to trick off of a waterfall, which isn't a combo, but I just really liked it.

After multiple delays, Forspoken is set to launch on January 24, 2023. The game takes place in the fantastical realm of Athia, and follows Frey after she is pulled from modern-day New York into this mysterious, magical world. In our hands-off preview last year, we enjoyed the "off-kilter take on the JRPG formula" even if the game is "maybe just a slight cringe."
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Everytime they show this game, its 30fps (or less). I assume they are just showing the '4k' mode or soemthing because this doesnt look like a game that should be 30fps.

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I'm really skeptical about this game turning out any good. The graphics may be good and the gameplay may turn out fun but that can't make up for the multiple delays and the dissonant writing of the game.
I'm really skeptical about this game turning out any good. The graphics may be good and the gameplay may turn out fun but that can't make up for the multiple delays and the dissonant writing of the game.

Its only been delayed twice and once was because of scheduling.

This game continues to look fun as hell, the magic combo system looks like the most interesting aspect and traveling around looks fun as hell. It looks more like a wester superhero sandbox game than a traditional rpg


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This looks at least worth a try. The gameplay looks too cool to just write it off entirely imo.
Will need to see how well it reviews, and I'm expecting mostly decent to good, but not great reception.
It's wants to be fun but there is something blocking it. From the video the traversal seams good but not fluid enough, there some interruptions for not apparent reason. The spells looks awesome but you just spam different spells with little though process except that it's out of cooldown then use it.
I thought there would be spells interaction, like if you use water then fire you get vaporization, or ice magic and you get Frozen environment etc but no just Spam the spell that came out of cooldown. Zero innovation or passion,
And what is that city? A city with mages that had normal medieval buildings that has nothing magical on them.... 3 npc here and there. Assassin's Creed cities were full of people 10 years ago.
This game is all the way up my street! Completely magic based combat with interesting magical mobility and impressive visuals, sign me up!!

Having said that; the game is clearly going to be average at best. Open world looks bland and pointless, narrative seems dire (why do they keep telling me she's a new yorker? why do I give a fuck what city she is from?) and there doesnt seem to be anything remotely interesting in terms of mission design, puzzles or gear system. Everything outside of the magic system is utterly generic sadly :(

Personally will probably be a 8-9/10. Industry score 6-7/10. It will live and die by its gameplay, if that proves to be not-fun to play, could hit some 5's or worse.


The main character's dialog and delivery is so bad that I'm going to skip this game because of it. Shame because it looks decent otherwise.

She ain't a real New Yorker.


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Probably the best showing they've had for the game.

The traversal looks like a lot of fun and the combat seems pretty good too. Hopefully the world itself is fun to explore too, because if moving around is too easy and everything is marked on the map that's going to suck.
The dialog and writing continue to be awful but hopefully the actual main plot is at least interesting.
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Gameplay and enemy design looks awesome to me, the city looked cool too. I have hope for this game, writting aside. Performance seems dodgy, hope they optimize it by release.


I hated the menus. Why are they done to look like oval shaped? It’s unnecessary, looks bad, and having them properly would fix that in an instant.

Regarding the game, it may seem it could turn out a good game. However, it also seem the story is what will being it down the most. I just don’t feel the vibe of the story.
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