Forspoken reportedly cost $100 million to make


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lol just bought it two days ago and today is 33% off fml...either way, game reviewers are being too harsh on this one. dialogue ya, shits so woke its whack, but the game itself, great gameplay, great graphics,

What the hell is so woke about this fantasy game?


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I don't think just the game cost 100M, but that engine sucked money like a blackhole, and it wasn't fully finished yet despite it's development started more than 10years ago.


Someone must be somewhere with all that money.



Not surprised at the $100m price tag honestly. Last I checked Luminous had over 150 employees. S-E is located right in Shinjuku, Tokyo. So they're paying top salaries for their talents. Add to that the game was delayed for 8 months, so that's 8 extra months of salaries that count against the game's budget. Just do the math.


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I have no doubt that the game is shit, but what's woke about it?
Just because the protagonist is a black woman?
Come on, I hate woke as much as the next guy, but seriously?

Also tiresome to some Gaffers always say "go woke go broke", all while one of the most woke games released s being highly praised on this forum.


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Give it time, in two years maybe they'll get a few million copies sold on Xbox.... maybe not. lol

Square better hope MS opens the coffers for some giant sweet Game Pass deal in 2025.
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