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|OT| Fortnite Season 9 |OT| Epic Invents Capitalism

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Faith - Hope - Love
Jan 1, 2017
Tennessee, USA
I'm giving up on ever getting Golden Peely, unless they really give an extended experience bonus. I got to level 290, and I just can't really grind anymore. (Not that I would ever use the skin in the first place, but as a completionist it annoys me a bit.)

I can't wait until the big event leading into Season 3. I got to play on my friend's PS4 this week and was blown away by the upgrade in graphics and 60 frames per second (I usually always play on the Switch.) I'm definitely looking forward to the XBox Series X to release so I can have a smooth Fortnite experience all the time. :)
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Branded for life by her misdeeds
Aug 20, 2019
Delayed again. :messenger_weary:

Yeah, I don’t care anymore. Going with this big brained hot-take that the killing was racial, and everything in America is oppressive, is an entrance to politics that I’m not comfortable with, to say the least.

It’d be different if the police officer walked away without arrest, if the crime was definitely racially motivated, or if the stats even backed that up

And if all of this actually was peaceful protesting. Instead, Epic doesn’t have a word to say about the burning of my country, and wants to lecture it instead.

Someone else can make the Season 3 OT. I’m taking a break from the game, and it might be permanent.
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Dec 7, 2008
any talk of a first person mode down the line?

most third person cameras have peek advantage so it's not like the two are incompatible
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