[Forum Rumor] Durango Beta has 2 APUs. Console and Controller plastered with stripes.

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I saw that ex-UBI guy in TGFC(that chinese tech forum) talked about the same thing 2 days ago
"上周五项目收到了第一批Durango的Beta Kit,主机超大一个白盒子,新手柄。而且主机和手柄都贴着不规律黑色的胶带条纹,就和新车发布前的伪装似的。"
(Last Friday received the first batch of Durango Beta Kit,console is a huge white box,and new controller.Console and controller are plastered with irregular black stripes tape,like camouflage a new car before announce.)
But i didn't post it because it's from April 1 and he said it's dual APU lol
"最重要的是,Beta Kit竟然里面有两个APU,就和之前部分软饭猜测的一样。我操,这下猛了。"
(Most important thing is,the beta come with 2 APU,just like some MS fans guess.fuck that's crazy)


Interesting... Also refers to the stripes on the controller as the Kotaku article.


Take all of this with a pinch of salt.

EDIT: I consider it false since the person behind the leak has regressed to cross forum trolling.
Let's run with it:

  • Speshul Sauce confirmed
  • Most powahful confirmed

Given it originated from China, the same country from which BF4 rumours originated, this must become true in some fashion.
I am not obliged to conceal my identity but will do so, I would like to guarantee that this information is sound as of the last 2 months but cannot; the silicon should be near final from what I am told.
What I will say will not necessarily be well received nor believed, my sole reason for this is the inability for the intelligent to actually see beyond the stem of misinformation based as accuracy. Further to mention that I am actually a fan of MSFT products and felt this should be said.
The leaks you have are accurate regarding the Durango v2.2 development kits but what has gone over the heads of many is that MSFT has incorporated a dual mainboard, dual APU system. Essentially MSFT will reveal a system with 2 times what VGL has leaked in one housing.
AMD have said the PS4 has the most powerful APU ever made right now, this is true, instead MSFT decided to go with a dual setup whilst Sony have overclocked to near 2.012GHz.
You shall hear more come March 6.

Original "rumor". I would love to see the data flow chart for a dual APU system with SRAM. $599 US.

Nobody was going to post it.
Per other thread:I can't think of an advantage to having 2 apu's vs combining the cpu part of the 2 apu's into one cpu, going with a beefier video card, and combining those parts into one apu. One apu would be easier to code for, and not have crossfire issues, and would probably run cooler.

If anyone can think of an advantage, I'd love to hear it.

Jaguar works this way:

1 compute unit aka "1 CPU/APU" = 4 cores
2 compute units duct taped together aka "2 CPU/APU duct taped together" = 8 cores

basically the same as PS4.


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I don't believe it. Sounds too inefficient.

BUT what if the special sauce/wizard jizz is the efficiency (MS going for efficiency rumour cited here) that the two APUs have together compared to say you see in a traditional PC set up?
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