Forza 7 |OT| The 7 you've been waiting for!

Meh I have different priorities, I built this for video production and rendering, my apps fill up one ssd and caching fills up another. Games gotta go in my spinning disk. Hey, I can contemplate life while the game loads.
Or drown it out by fiddling with GAF on your phone. I'm doing that now in Destiny 2 with these load times.
If I buy the Xbox one version digitally do I also get it on my W10 account?

I'm wondering cuz I have a GameStop gift card I wanted to use but didn't see the windows option available...
I preordered the Ultimate Edition in June so I'm surprised to see that you only get 5 mod cards for VIP credit bonus now. Each mod card can be used five times so you'll only get a 100% credit bonus for a total of 25 races. That sucks.

If I had known that I wouldn't have bought the Ultimate Edition.

Looks like Turn 10 trying to slow down game progression again for the inevitable micro transaction system.

Did they announce the VIP changes?


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So Deluxe mostly just gets you an extra car pack or two and the VIP membership, which is for bonus XP/prize money in events and some unique gear/liveries/etc. I generally don't bother with it.

The Ultimate Edition gets you all the Season 1 car expansion stuff, but the base game has 700 cars and the 32 (+?) tracks, so I think you're safe just going Standard. Unless you're a little neurotic about having a complete [whatever], because as the DLC season moves on, you'll see those DLC cars in the store with a little "DLC" icon. It's never felt disruptive in the past, and they've generally given select free DLC cars anyway to standard players.

I just went Standard, personally. There's a lot of game here.
It's the same as it has been with FM3/4/5/6. By now you should know what you are getting. On the other hand, if you're new to the series, better start with the regular edition. It definitely has a ton of content for any newcomer.
Thanks. Didn’t play since the first one beside horizon 3 which I bought all dlc for. Went standard. Will wait for Xbox One X anyway but ordered already
ok wtf i preorderd and now the damn thing wont download, it gets to 58 megs and says it cannot download. Great $100 well spent. I've never had an issue with the windows store until now.
Well I made it about 1 minute in the first race. then it crashed. And now it crashes as soon as I press Start at the start up menu.


edit: I think I fixed it by killing the xbox process that was running.
ok about to start my first race in free play and as I feared, qualifying is not in free play... only PI index or random or you finishing position in your last Race, no qualifying laps. disappointed !
"...It's about the choices you make. Here's the first one. Who are you?"
*blank screen*start over*

Holy cow, they weren't kidding when they said the FMVs chop like hell.

Finally, in my first race, except... It keeps pausing over and over again. I can't unpause it without it immediately pausing again. What's going on?

Off to a good start. 8I
Presentation is so slick.. wow they have really come a long ways. The audio on track is amazing as well... gonna be hard to go back and finish off the last few games.
Disabled Core 1 and Core 2 went 100%. Yay. Funny thing is that the stuttering almost disappeared with Core 1 disabled.

In another news, got a massive texture bug on Monza, nothing loaded and I was racing on floating ground.

Performance is fine, but the audio is way, waaaaay too loud. The game does not appear in the Windows' sound mixer.
Presentation is so slick.. wow they have really come a long ways. The audio on track is amazing as well... gonna be hard to go back and finish off the last few games.
Very stutter in menus though and videos... On PC, but yeah game is very smooth so far and audio is fantastic.
WOW the graphics are amazing, play anywhere part worked flawlessly, windows 10 version started and played, after a couple races i played it on my xbox one s, synced and played a couple more races. I cant wait to play this on my xbox one x
Finished the 3 starter races and did my first championship race. Went with the McLaren F1. Too sleepy to do well in the races. Tomorrow will be filled with lots of racing!