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Fox Corporate will win the Streaming Wars

Rupert Murdoch, maybe the most hated man in the world due to being the owner of Fox News, but he is a mad genius!

The man sold 20th Century and all the IP, including the Simpsons to Disney for over $71 Billion.

With the money he got from Disney, Rupert ends up buying out Tubi last April for about a fraction of a price of $400 million

Fast forward today, Fox makes a deal with famed Japanese animation, the home of Dragon Ball and One Piece, Toei Animation for exclusive streaming rights for their backlog to be streamed on Tubi. Heck, I loved Digimon on Fox Kids, so this is a great callback

The next deal was made recently, Fox now buys out Houghton Mifflin, the book publisher for The Lord of the Rings, and owner of notable characters such as Curious George, Carmen San Diego, and the Polar Express

Other education programing for kids like Barney and Friends

What's next? Well Sony buying out Crunchy Roll was blocked, could the mad genius buyout Crunchy Roll next?

Clownfish TV also think that Fox will be the winner in the long term

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I keep forgetting we have defectors from ERA here, lol! People forget that Fox did get $71 Billion for selling 20th Century, and Disney is in huge financial debt. Fox buys Tubi, which is already established, and generates great revenue from old shows. They're using that disney money to continue building their own service under Tubi.


LOL no one is going to give a shit about their service in any appreciable way. They'll be lucky if they don't become another Quibi.


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A Regular Guy A Regular Guy , all you have to do is convince us how Rupert, Tubi, and Toei will out-perform Disney in the long run.

I want to buy in to your vision of what you see for the future, but right now I'm having a really hard time. Maybe if you can provide your perspective on things it will help.


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Far from the Quibi disaster

I don't know what you think this proves... they are confident their purchase will make a lot of money someday.. with no actual timeframe for when..

Ok? What is a CFO supposed to say about a company they purchased? lol

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Thanks OP, I needed the laugh.


Sometimes I watch tubi, but pluto has better stuff usually. Although I’m getting sick of seeing their aggressive lgbt commercials for channel 429, so I might delete it.

But yeah, kids like disney, so tubi isn’t going to get as much attention. Maybe for boys, who knows
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