France backs down, delays tax increases after Paris riots

Mar 19, 2005

Leftist You can’t come down every day people while taking private jets yourself and not enforcing your agreement and other countries who are far worse.

The people have spoken and violently that they do not want to forced tax To fund you are idealistic promises.

I can’t believe a protest actually got results however...
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Aug 11, 2018
Mar 18, 2018
It's hard to believe the country that is the culinary and artistic center of the world struggles financially.
Not really. The economy is stagnant which means young people aren't entering the work force at the middle class pays which is necessary to keep the lavish social programs tenable. Not to mention people should be moving to the rural areas that have Internet access when they have an entrepreneurial endeavor to take advantage of plummeting rents. Instead people are moving into the cities that have rising costs. It is counter intuitive in the digital age.
Oct 24, 2017
Yes! And the yellow jackets are pushing for reinstating a tax on wealth instead of the gas tax on people. And it seems that the government might consider.

I agree with the YJP and support them.
You should never support terrorism. You can agree with their idea but and many people also protesting peacefully as well. Support them instead of domestic terrorists
Oct 24, 2017
Jun 20, 2018
when you back down because of domestic terrorism you have already lost. Macron is an absolute Joke.
France has been backing down and making concessions to radicalisation and terrorism for the last decade dude, this isnt even on the same level lol.

long-term thinking of modern Progressive democracies.
If you think the paris climate accord has anything to do with climate or long term thinking instead of being here for politicians at the top so they can virtue signal for votes and to their colleagues.
Yeah i dont know what to tell you dude lol
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Dec 2, 2018
Perception it's the name of the game. The first Domino begane with mass privatisations of public property in 80s and the consequences of that move are going to be felt through Europe even one generation after now . Now we are seeing only the symbtom but slowly slowly we are going to see the true monstrosity face of Neoliberalismus.
Jun 20, 2018
Sorry, I should've put an /s at the end. :messenger_beaming:
goddammit lol
Hopefully the French people keep this up until Macron is booted. Then we can get Le Pen in there, and fix their shithole country.
Well there wont be any miracles no matter who is in charge, 25% youth unemployment, shipped away jobs in exchange for finance jobs concentrated in cities which increased living costs in cities all while you have lots of unemployment in rural areas and french goverment over the last decade spending billions to mainly rebuild minority housing areas while not spending anything like that at all for native french citizens in rural areas. No one will fix that overnight lol
But one thing is for sure if macron falls any pro open border politican, ngo or ngo mouthpieces like verhofstad can basically send their wishlists to Santa Claus.
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Aug 17, 2012
Well it's good to see that the French have traded their white flags for yellow jackets!
Now with the joke out of the way - i'm impressed with the protests. In Poland the goverment is preparing for a new round of taxes, which will stsrt going live in 2019 and no one bats their fucking eye.
Fo comparison, we are 2nd place when it comes to fuel price when taking the average wage into consideration. But then you have to realize that the amount of people earning minimum are even more fucked (min. income ~400 EUR with gas prices around 1.2/1.5 EUR gas/diesel).
I think we are fucked right now, the climate tax will squeeze all the cash out of us...
May 17, 2012
These accords only seem to be set up as an excuse for politicians to set up some sort of tax. We are seeing very little of their mandate to plan and report on how they are going to combat climate change. They need to release concise reports and plans on what they are going to do first then ask the people to pay for it. It is all too vague and imo targeted at the wrong people. It should have been a worldwide top down tax on the largest polluters first. Mostly corporate entities, then the rich people living in huge McMansions with 5 cars who eat Kobe beef on their private jets. Putting a further tax on people who have to drive their 4 cylinder car to work and heat their homes while barely keeping their heads above water was always going to result in a backlash.

This would cause whatever those companies produce to cost more but people are less likely to be rioting because everything costs a few percent more rather than a quantifiable tax staring you right in the face. The governments also actually have to do something with that money they collect rather than it just passing through a bunch of hands and its gone. It is also two non compatible forces. Most of the climate change data is set 50-100 years out, they won't tell you if the global temperature is going to rise .1 degrees in 5 years. Governments are set on issues a few years out because of election cycles. Nothing will ever get done with those forces working against each other.