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Free NES/SNES Games for Nintendo Paid Service Only Playable For Free For One Month


That sounds awful. I'm failing to see the value.

I mean, PS+ is bad enough, but at least you keep those games for as long as you're subscribed, which is better than this.
Okay, this is seriously stupid.
Nintendo, that's not how you pair paid online services with free games.
Look at Microsoft and Sony on how to do it right.


Rapid Response Threadmaker
This is truly ridiculous.

Definitely expect to have to rebuy all of your VC titles too.

Xaero Gravity

I'm sorry, but that's ridiculously stupid. Whenever I got around to buying a Switch, I would have subbed just for that had I gotten to keep the game.

Dee Dee

If this service costs like 10 $ a year, I don't see the problem.

Can we please wait until they announce a price?


They have to be charging like $20 a year instead of $60 a year like Microsoft/Sony

This makes no sense otherwise


Holy crap! Today's real megaton is that more than two people can have the same first name.
I do think the paid for online / use smartphone for voice chat / rent a nes game is by far the worst part of the Switch concept. It makes no sense to me.


this brings the borderline-stupidity onto a next level.

i thought ps+games were already a rip-off, but cmon nintendo... why?

why are companies that anti-social?
digital prices are more expensive "free" games can only be played as long as your subsription is active...

humble bundle, steam and itunes show how it can work in the right way.


If the service has Pokémon bank levels of pricing I'm fine with it. Otherwise I'm gonna be an offline player it seems.


Just when you thought PS+ was rather bad value... jfc. 1 month trial periods for (S)NES VC games...

To be fair you don't "keep" them on PSN or XBL either.
You can still play them as long as you are subbed though. So basically you rent them as long as you're subbed


This is awful. Pay for something that's already free and get temporary access to very old games as a bonus.

Every time I think about this I like the Switch a lot less.
Wait so it even is less than what Games with Gold and Playstation Plus gives you as long as you keep paying the service you keep the games. But here you only get access to it for the month it is given then it is cut off. What in the flying fuck Nintendo!!!!!


Nintendo really needs to give us a price here. At $20 that seems fine. At $60 that's absolutely awful. I'm getting the feeling it's gonna be absolutely awful.

Thing is out in like a month and a half - this is information people need before they buy the damn thing.


Honestly confused at how Nintendo can notice trends and then come up short when trying to put their own spin on things. At least give people free Wii games lol.
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