Fresh Tingle's Rose Colored Rupee Land (DS) screenshots

:lol Oh my god, if true, why is Nintendo actually bringing it back?

Edit: Holy crap it actually looks kind of cool. :O

Double edit: Its an RPG, and it looks cool. Damn it Nintendo, I haven't even purchased the DSLite yet and you keep creating games I might need to buy. Stop it.
not sure what to make of it...

looks good, warioware-esque bizarre in style and reminds me of leisure suit larry.

could be a lot of fun.
DarknessTear said:
Okay now I know this forum will be happy over anything after seeing the reactions. ._.
lol. For me its just that it looks like it could be a really cool and unique game, and i see the touch screen employed quite nicely already. FOR SOME REASON, and PLEASE don't NeoGAF me over this, but it reminds me of....Kings Quest VI. :X
So...what, it's 'Tingle in Rupee Land' then? Or something like that? Looks kind of kooky. Should be amusing. Some of the screens remind me a bit of Earthbound...

Wonder if anyone's working with Nintendo on this one (AlphaDream maybe?).
Joseph Merrick said:
OH SHIIIIIIIIT! Is it back? Really? Not cancelled? Seriously guys? Anyone can confirm it? Eh? Hello? Please?

Look at the date down in the scan .. 2006 = not cancelled .. its not a mini-game anymore, NICE.
Khalid-S said:
Look at the date down in the scan .. 2006 = not cancelled .. its not a mini-game anymore, NICE.
Yeah, but I don't even remember the last time we heard anything about it. The drunken cry stupor in its honour did it probably.

TheKingsCrown said:
I just realized, with all the U.S. Tingle hate, do you guys think Nintendo will even consider bringing this over? I hope they do.
It better come out in Europe at least. Do Americans hate Tingle? Why? He's funny!

It could be interesting to have a whole game built around such a pathetic and depressed character. I think this might be quite a different kind of game from Nintendo. Which team is making it anyway?