FRIDAYTON: God abandons PS4 as The Great Flood wipes out Sony HQ [Up: Reveal in OP]

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"Calm down! It's just some info about how memory works and nothing more. Nothing serious! "

Welp, time to close the thread.

This morning Eurogamer Spain sub director published a Tweet:
PS4 Memory drama. More info soon.
The info was supposedly for this afternoon but later he corrects:
-The article will be publish tomorrow, it's better like this, will be more info.
-A very interesting tech article, 24 hours delay because Sony want to make statements.

Maybe he knows something because he is translating original DF artivle?


i've been begging for over 5 years.
Announcement of an article. We've come to this.

I have no idea what memory drama means. Am I supposed to like this or not like this? Guess we'll find out tomorrow.
2GB OS memory footprint incoming? It would be awful to waste so much RAM, but i can see that happening.

Ps. It seem that Driveclub wont be getting 60fps any time soon :p
GDDR5 in short supply. PS4 potentially delayed. Sony may opt for lower density chips bringing total amount down to 4GB.

NeoGAF crashes.
Hopefully not a downgrade or production issues. That would look pretty bad at this point, especially since they've gotten so much right. If it's a downgrade I will likely cancel my pre-order.
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