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From the newest Edge: map in X more than 5 times bigger than in Xenoblade on Wii


I'm just going to go ahead and assume this interests some people.

Takahashi on X: "Vehicles are called Dolls. They are 5 Times larger than a person. So to get the same feel as Xenoblade Chronicles, the map would need to be 5 times bigger. The game world in X is e in fact even bigger than that."

It's from the newest Edge. Hope Boy Wander doesn't mind me quoting a little here.



Greatest piece of news I've heard this morning!


Xenoblade's scale consistently impressed me. Every time I thought "they can't make this any bigger, I can't believe this is just a dungeon" and the maps got bigger and bigger without ever seeming too empty or boring. If that trend continues, I'll have to put a cushion on the floor to catch my jaw when it drops.


I just really hope they work out the balance issues. Doing the side quests jacked you up way too much in Xenoblade. Took all the fun out of the game.


I personally don't see the correlation between map size and quality. I can easily think of examples in both ends of both spectrums (big map bad game, small map bad game, big map good game, small map good game), so this news do nothing for me.

I am excited for the game, have it preordered and everything, but yeah, whenever a developer uses their game's map size as a selling point it kinda makes me feel they're desperate.
I just really hope they work out the balance issues. Doing the side quests jacked you up eay too much in Xenoblade. Took all the fun out of the game.

I think it was less about the side quests per se and more about how everything you could possibly do gave you lots of experience.

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Sounds X-citing =p

Didn't play Xenoblade but judging from what I heard, it had a pretty large world and I'm definitely getting X so definitely can't wait after hearing this news.


Sorry for that im just gobsmacked at the size of this game


I love the vastness of Xenoblade, but it takes a damn long time to go anywhere. Hopefully mechs are significantly faster.


Does this explain the reason why the latest trailer looks visually less refined than the previous ones? I mean, for a game like this, would you say it's worth it. Yes, I own Xenoblade, no I still haven't had the time to actually dick around with it more than 5 minutes. From what I gather though, it seems like the right compromise for a game like this, should it actually have been needed.


After being blown away with Xenoblade Chronicles in every regard, I'm scared I'm going to end up expecting too much from X. It all sounds so awesome.


*shit post about how having bigger worlds is stupid because it means they will automatically be empty and lifeless*

I can't wait for X. Loved Xenoblade and really enjoyed the locales. Hope this has the same variety of locations.


Doesn't read OPs, especially not his own
I just really hope they work out the balance issues. Doing the side quests jacked you up way too much in Xenoblade. Took all the fun out of the game.
sidequests were your way of grinding in xenoblade, you werent meant to do all of them or you would be overleveled


Hnnnnngh!! This just rubs me just the right way. I'm such a sucker for exploring interesting landscapes. Can't wait for this glorious opportunity.


Makes sense. Wii U has a lot more RAM for games than Wii did.

Wii: 88 MB
Wii U: 2 GB total, 1 GB for games.


So does this mean X has five times the amount of fetch quests that Xenoblade Chronicles had? I'm excited for X, but I ain't excited for spending more time running around grabbing the same looking globe for a hundred or so hours.
This is currently the only game I want on Wii U, and that really wasn't until last night when I watched the Nintendo Treehouse video of it that someone posted. Also, is this a direct sequel to the first game or mostly standalone? I'd rather not have to buy Wii.

Edit: Wait, is there only one, albeit really huge map, in these games?
I will be so upset when the Wii U has this incredible library of games, far beyond anything offered by the PS4 and XB1, but it still has the lowest sales.


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This game is going to be amazing, i can't wait!

As a side note: map size has nothing to do with game quality of course, but if you take into account the faster speed of dolls, it's the same thing as a smaller world with only foot travel
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