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Full list of FF songs for FFXV's car radio released


This may have already been established, but, do we know of if these are all in their original formats or is their some reworking or recording of these tracks?


No Otherworld
No X-2
No Crisis Core
No Crazy Chocobo :(

Still a dope feature though. Wish there were more original car music but whatever.
Man I'm so excited to play some FFXIII music in the car. I could have done without these two:

Desperate Struggle
Fighting Fate

Would be perfect if they added Will To Fight and maybe Eden Under Siege, or instead of that, whatever the song is that plays on the airship.


This is cool.... I'll be spending more time in the car than playing I'm impressed that it even has FFXI tracks, Tavnazian archipelago is amazing.


I wonder if a lot of the vocal tracks excluded were left out because they'd need to pay royalties to the singers?

Great list all the same!


Lets see, One Winged Angel, Terra's theme, Man With Machine Gun, Opening Bombing Mission yada yada yada, Melodies of li--

*Checks for melodies of life*

So close to perfection Square, fucking vocals fuck! ;_;


Oh hey, FFXI songs too. Nice. Too bad no Sea music. But hey, Ronfaure is there.

Ragnarok is Alexander theme from Aht Urhgan, tho'!


That's an amazing selection of songs; wasn't expecting this at all. FFVIII for me all day. If SE decides to do DLC for more songs, I might dig in, but I'm satisfied with the current list.
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