Funky Kong confirmed for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze


Brotherhood of Shipley's

Funky was way cooler DKC2. Surfer dude, probably high all the time, that's why he's got glasses on. Wakling around naked all day because #yolo.
Cranky playable with Dixie and Funky back makes me happy. Worried about the animal buddies though, we haven't seen Rambi and Squawks yet and I was hoping Enguarde would return for underwater levels.

Also I'm secretly hoping the leader of the Snowmads is K. Rool in disguise with a hidden 7th world at Crocodile Isle with Kremlings, then the game will be complete. (Candy is terrible and can fade into obscurity)
Awesome!! I can't wait to hear his new music. Just need more animal buddies pleeasssse! Especially Engarde and Ellie! And Squitter and...oh what the hell, bring them ALL back, they were my favorite parts of the original trilogy and 64. And by all that is good and holy on the Earth, let the final boss be Viking Kaptain K. Rool!