FurryGAF |OT| They should have sent a veterinarian

man boss doggie save some artists for me please, don't get too carried away.
anyway its my birthday today!

yes I edited the date on it :p its good to be back guys
Thanks guys, well ill be heading to bed right now since its getting closer to 3 am here and I will actually be able to celebrate my birthday when I wake up. later!
So far this morning I was greeted with a lot of chocolate which may take me a few days to eat. I received a little bit of cash so ill go grab pxz and ac:nl (if I can find a physical copy) later today. But there's still a lot more of the day left so there's still plenty of stuff heading my way.
edit: just checked my email thanks chuck
Not pictured:
- hat slides off head into lap
- pick up hat
- reassume pose
- hat slides off head into lap
- etc.

Not that *I* would want to be the one to critique his choice of wardrobe.


Still without luck
lol, i like some of the other stuff he has on his channel. i hope chuck edits his duplicated post on the first page because its slowly destroying my browser.