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[G.A.M.E. 3.0] WipEout Edition: A custom soundtrack for WipEout:HD made by GAFers!




What is Gaming Art Musica Electronia (G.A.M.E.)?
We're a bunch of NeoGAF posters who make electronic music. Some of us veterans, some of us amateurs, but we all share a passion for videogames and electronic music. We have completed a couple of compilations before, which can be found here:
The first project: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=219443
The second project: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=326879

WipEout is a series that not only played great, but had a kickass soundtrack that fans of electronic music adored. And if you weren't a fan of electronic music back then, it made you one. WipEout:HD continues this legacy of great licensed electronic music, but also allows for users to put in their own custom soundtrack into the game. So it makes perfect sense that our third project, "G.A.M.E. 3.0", is dedicated to this game.

When we embarked on creating an alternative soundtrack for this game, we thought of taking things in any direction that we could. Sure, some genres are prominent in the WipEout series, but we felt that anything that gets your adrenaline pumping would work well. You will note a diverse set of music in G.A.M.E. 3.0, and we all hope you enjoy racing to them!

Enough banter, onto the download links!


The following are download links to the package of tracks released on Sept. 25th. For bonus tracks, remixes, and edited versions of these tracks, check out the "Bonus Tracks" section near the end of this post.


The zshare links aren't too bad in terms of speed.

Hosted by GAFer "Stike": Update, his bandwidth got hammered, went over his quota, and he is not able to host the file anymore. Update 2: Stike's generosity never ends! He's uploaded it yet again!

Hosted by GAFer "No_Style" (longtime supporter of G.A.M.E.): http://qsf5.com/2008/09/25/game-30-wipeout-edition-released/

G.A.M.E. thanks you both for your generous offers!


  1. Unzip the package
    Unzip the package on a USB key. Select "Extract Here" if you can. There should be 2 folders in your jumpdrive's root directory, "MUSIC" and "PICTURE".
  2. Plug it in your PS3 to copy files
    Plug this drive into your PS3, and go to the Picture icon in the XMB, select the Jumpdrive and you can download the album art to your PS3. Go to the Music icon in the XMB, select the Jumpdrive and you will see G.A.M.E. 3.0. Hit Triangle button and select "Copy", it will be copied to your PS3 Hard Drive.
  3. Create a new Playlist
    Then go to Playlists and select "Create New Playlist". Name it "G.A.M.E. 3.0". Select that playlist, hit Triangle Button and select "edit". You can now add all the G.A.M.E. 3.0 tracks into the playlist in any order you like.
You now have a playlist that can be used by WipEout:HD!

If you simply want to listen to the package on your PC, the folder "G.A.M.E. 3.0" in the folder "MUSIC" contains all art and audio files.

(we've tried to include the playlist file in the package, but the PS3 doesn't copy this over unfortunately)


It's all listed in the inlet art...check it!



Due to the rushed release schedule (we originally thought it would be delayed 6 months as it was rumoured), not all planned contributors were able to finish a track on time. Many of us had 2 or 3 songs lined up for this project. What we will do is release more tracks in the coming few months to complement the package released thus far. These new additions will be released as a package every month.

Secondly, after seeing how the tracks play in-game, some of the songs available in the 3.0 package are being remixed to be better suited to the game. These edits will be available here, and released as soon as they are ready!

Reworked Tracks:
Nofi - faltEr (GAF remix)

m0dus -Sinewaves (boosted vocal-less remix)

Bonus Track package:
(to be released Oct. 25th)


Download G.A.M.E. 3.0 from here, and check out our previous compilations, G.A.M.E. and G.A.M.E. 2: Theatrical Edition:

Looks like this project has caught the attention of Sony Liverpool, with Graphics Engine Lead Chris Roberts taking a few snaps of a modified Icarus AG racer...

Check them out:



So awesome! Congrats to everyone related with the project. I'm downloading it now along with Wipeout HD from the PSN.:D :D

Brandon F

Well congratulations! You got yourself caught!
Oh crap, this thread just reminded me that Wipeout HD releases today!

Will download this music. Also, is there a handy dandy compilation of old Wipeout tunes available?


Can't wait to hear it! Loved the two other albums. Ever thought of getting a deal with iTunes or something? Where can I donate?

Edit: Aw, slow download :(

Diseased Yak

Gold Member
E-phonk said:
Curious to hear the other tracks and feedback.

I'm listening through these at work right now and I just hit your track, E-phonk. Love the GAF shout out! :lol Fantastic job, seriously.

That goes for everyone, this is some freakin' awesome shit, I'm in awe of the talent. I wouldn't know the first thing about making music, but I'm sure if I attempted something like this it would come out sounding like a cat being force-fed into a garbage disposal.


Tried Firefox, Chrome AND IE. Can't get the damned thing to download, I want to hear everyone else's tracks!


This is really cool. I was planning on passing on Wipeout HD but I want to experience the creativity how it was intended, so I'll likely pick this up.


nofi said:
Tried Firefox, Chrome AND IE. Can't get the damned thing to download, I want to hear everyone else's tracks!

Popped on a zshare link...please let me know if it works.

Later today there should be a couple of other faster hosts as well.

nofi: recognize the ship used in my little headers there? :)


Having things like this is what makes GAF the best gaming community out there...

Props fellas, can't wait to play Zone with these tracks...:D


FightyF said:
Popped on a zshare link...please let me know if it works.

Later today there should be a couple of other faster hosts as well.

nofi: recognize the ship used in my little headers there? :)

ZShare is working, thanks.

I didn't recognise it, but I do now. ;)


Downloading now to listen to at work, will download to the PS3 later. Thanks for the hard work all. ^_^


Nintendo's Pro Bono PR Firm
Downloaded this package while waiting for Wipeout. Is is better than the original soundtrack? Thanks a lot anyway :)
Wow. What an awesome idea. I'm glad it came together. I keep missing out on these things. I hope I can be a part of the next one.


aka acr0nym
Thanks everyone for putting this together, I checked out the samples you guys posted in the official thread and wow everything sounded so good then, can't wait to here the finished versions!


Just finished listening to the whole thing, and this is some seriously impressive work. Major props to all involved. I'm really loving it. can't wait for tonight to listen to it while playing.

Mr Nash

square pies = communism
If anyone here has or works for a game site and wants to mention this project there, that would be great too. Nudge nudge wink wink. ;-)


venison crêpe
Once again guys I can't wait to hear what you've produced. This will be playing in my car as I travel down to university tonight.

Awesome art to boot.
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