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Gabe Newell hypothetically joins Twitter

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If you scroll down to the bottom there are russian tweets with ads

Yes, it's weird but i really think that he might be that kind of person that doesn't know how social media work?

But at the same day that this video came out

He tweeted about it (he wasn't tweeting for a year)

On July 27th he tweeted to an racing guy, as of they had met on that day. And the racing guy responded.

And again, i exchanged an email with him many years ago, so when that specific email got an Twitter account, twitter threw an notification at me


I think it's pretty real and weird. That's maybe who Gabe is on social media? He's old, so...

If it's a fake, they had a lot of work trough many years.


They should have made it the long con. One tweet per year made on the same day for three years.
It's not like the "real" HL3 will be announced in that time anyway.


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Why would someone admit that it was a joke so soon? This is too obvious, there must be something deeper going on here.

Maybe it's the real Gabe role-playing as an imposter, to make us believe HL3 is never happening when it actually is. Of course, this being the real world means that's not true, but I wish it was...
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