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Jun 7, 2004
Out of mild curiosity to why this thread was still going strong I decided to check out the last page. Not surprisingly, whatever happened in this thread (Didn't read the story) is fake.

evil ways said:
I hope it's not permanently.
I do.
Jun 6, 2004
Passion, it lies in all of us. Sleeping...waiting...and though unwanted, unbidden, it will its jaws, and howl.

It speaks to us....guides us....Passion rules us all. And we obey. What other choice do we have?

Passion is the source of our finest moments. The joy of love...the clarity of hatred... and the ecstasy of grief.

It hurts sometimes more than we can bear. If we could live without passion, maybe we'd know some kind of peace. But we would be hollow, empty rooms, shuttered and dank. Without passion, we'd be truly dead.
Jun 9, 2004
Man it's a lot of fucking effort to keep up with the OT enough to find this funny. Someone asked what Serafitia did to Federman a while back, I'd like to know as well.
Jun 8, 2004
He said earlier:

He wanted a name change, and the mods got her to play along like she had mod options. so basically, he was extra nice, then found out it was a gag. Nothing that major, imo.
Jun 7, 2004
Ugh. That was a heaping, overflowing bucket of SUCK.

Seriously. The Personality Whoredom that has apparently taken over NEO GAF OT is out of control. There is only one way to deal with this, one way to make sure shit like this is nipped in the bud from now on. I never thought I would utter these words... I never thought I would HAVE TO, but you people are like fucking fourteen year olds drunk on wine coolers(hell some of you in fact MAY BE fourteen year olds drunk on wine coolers). There is only one possible solution.


Jun 7, 2004
Dude, I hardly think that making me a mod would be good for this place. I don't even read the gaming forum anymore. I would probably just carry out petty grudges and ban people I don't like, or who are making asses of themselves... hmm, wait a tick... TRIUMPH FOR MOD!

Jun 9, 2004
wait so this alpha snake really isnt banging seratiti?
wait what? Im so confused..

Buddy Christ i still have your back regardless man. And if you want someone to comfort you i am here. Youre in LA?
Jun 9, 2004
Raoul Duke said:
Dude, I hardly think that making me a mod would be good for this place. I don't even read the gaming forum anymore. I would probably just carry out petty grudges and ban people I don't like, or who are making asses of themselves... hmm, wait a tick... TRIUMPH FOR MOD!

I like this guys candor.


LeBron loves his girlfriend. There is no other woman in the world he’d rather have. The problem is, Dwyane’s not a woman.
Jun 6, 2004
*Matrix goes into Al Gore mode*

I created the OT forum,respect the king! Man I miss the old days.
Jun 7, 2004
new york
First and foremost, Will, I warned you. :D

I was actually sympathetic to Sera's plea for me not divulge this information on the forum and was actually going to withhold it. Really. But then, she insulted me, she insulted Chris and after her debacle with Chris, I had no choice. I felt for the guy.
I had to egg you on because you were this close to not posting it. So I pushed your predictable buttons. Ya gotta love a guy who's consistent with his moods.
[02:25] <Serafitia> Speak, Will federman! >:O
[02:25] <Willco> Why am I going to tell you this stuff.
[02:25] <Serafitia> Because I asked it of you.
[02:25] <Serafitia> Please?
This was a sincere plea. I didn't know what little Will had, so I asked around. That's where Bud came in. In about three sentences, he says we should prank Will. So, this wasn't well-planned or anything, just a spur of the moment thing. After all, Will was forgetting his place before me and I thought it'd be a chance to reintroduce him with a reckoning.
Phase 1 - The Bait
02:26] <Serafitia> Then what is it?
[02:30] <Serafitia> I don't know what you learned, but please don't tell anyone about me and alpha.
[02:30] <Serafitia> Please.
[02:31] <Serafitia> What do you want?
[02:31] <Serafitia> Just leave him alone.
[02:31] <Willco> Huh? I haven't spoken with Alpha.
[02:32] <Serafitia> oh.
[02:32] <Serafitia> Then what are you talking about?
[02:32] <Serafitia> Please, tell me.
[02:33] <Willco> Pfft. Sera, do you really think I'd screw you over?
[02:33] <Willco> C'mon.
Phase 1, complete.

[02:43] <Serafitia> I was talking to him and he seemed really nice. I liked what he had to say. You know, there's a lot of people on the ga forums, but not many of them can talk about games. Yeah, not a lot of people talk about games on GA. Such a cad you are, Mister Will Federman.
[02:43] <Serafitia> And it was only after that I had realized that it was alpha.
[02:44] <Willco> Heh. So judgemental, you are.
[02:44] <Serafitia> How so? I asked him if he goes online, and when he said yes and mentioned GA, it hit me.
[02:45] <Serafitia> He knew who I was, but I didn't know who he was. It was magical.
[02:45] <Willco> Haha, magical.
[02:45] <Serafitia> What?
[02:45] <Serafitia> Shut up
[02:45] <Willco> What? You said magical!
Dude, "magical"? No one that's alive speaks like that anymore. I was so tired, but I just kept on typing. I knew you'd believe anything I told you.

[02:47] <Serafitia> I can kinda relate to him too, from all the flack that he's taken on the forums. Like any good lie, I had to put a bit of truth into it. I didn't have anything against Alpha, but when I realized he let everyone in the know about the prank, man, what a little bitch. :mad:
[02:47] <Willco> Half that flack you've given him!
[02:50] <Serafitia> That wasn't really serious.
[02:50] <Serafitia> Kinda like that last time you got punk'd, he didn't take any of the things I said personal.
[02:51] <Willco> Why would he? I was the one punk'd, so to speak.
[02:52] <Serafitia> Hey, you went and changed user names. You were wounded pretty badly.
[02:52] <Willco> I was doing that to begin with.
[02:52] <Serafitia> Go ahead, play it down.
[02:53] <Willco> I'm not playing it down!
[02:53] <Willco> You think a bit too much of yourself, but that's okay.
[02:53] <Serafitia> I'm just saying, I really admired the way alpha would shrug off what people said about him.
[02:55] <Willco> ... k.
[02:57] <Serafitia> Whatever, just try to keep your mouth shut about it.
[02:57] <Serafitia> I'd really appreciate it.I was fearing he'd chicken out, so I egged him on.
[02:57] <Willco> That came out really nice and polite!
[02:58] <Serafitia> Knowing you, you're probably planning on getting back at ma.I said this just to remind him of what I wanted him to do.
[02:58] <Willco> You think I'm that shallow, Sera?
[02:58] <Willco> I'm sad.
[02:58] <Willco> I've sat on information for quite some time now.
[02:58] <Serafitia> How long?
[02:58] <Serafitia> And why didn't you tell me before?
[02:58] <Willco> Was there a reason to?
[02:58] <Willco> I was also kinda pissed at you.
[02:59] <Serafitia> Yeah, you are a sensitive little wuss.Here I am, egging him on further. Keep on the path I've set for you, you little lemming.
[02:59] <Serafitia> Almost forgot about that.
[02:59] <Serafitia> :p
[02:59] <Willco> And you have a heart of ice.
[02:59] <Willco> We all have our shortcomings.
[03:00] <Serafitia> How would you know what my heart's made of?
[03:00] <Serafitia> You've never been in it.
[03:00] <Serafitia> And perhaps that's why you envy Alpha.
[03:00] <Serafitia> Am I right?How can anyone NOT see through this?
[03:00] <Serafitia> Forced laughter
[03:00] <Serafitia> I knew it.
[03:00] <Willco> Yes.
[03:01] <Willco> That was kind of mean, I guess.
[03:01] <Willco> LOL <--- Better? I can't stand people that type LOL. This renewed my resolve to utterly decimate Will Federman. Federman >:O
[03:06] <Serafitia> I asked nicely, but if you know what's good for you, you'll keep this info to yourself.STAY ON THE PATH, BOY. STAY ON THE PATH.
[03:06] <Willco> I get the feeling like you're not happy with me.
[03:06] <Willco> Wait, is that a threat?
[03:06] <Willco> I can tell you, I do not respond well to THREATS.
[03:06] <Serafitia> I'd take that reply and responding well.
[03:07] <Willco> That made no sense.
[03:08] <Serafitia> and = as
[03:08] <Serafitia> I typo when I'm riled.
And in that fake convo with buddy, I told him to put this line in, heh, I knew it'd get to him. "<Serafitia> Maybe he's smarter than I initially thought. It's been a long day, Arnold and I had a huge fight, and now this. "

[03:12] <Serafitia> I just don't like the idea of you blabbing this out to the entire forum.
[03:12] <Serafitia> I know you, Willco.
[03:12] <Willco> You don't know me.Of course I don't. :)
[03:12] <Serafitia> I've battled you before.
[03:12] <Willco> Battled? You sound like a drama queen.
[03:13] <Serafitia> I've been called that before.
[03:13] <Serafitia> Maybe it's true.
[03:13] <Willco> Probably.
[03:13] <Serafitia> I didn't say probably, I said maybe.
[03:13] <Willco> Alright, MAYBE.
[03:17] <Serafitia> Do you know Arnold? How'd you know his name?I had to ask Bud if that was his real name, because up until this point, I thought he was calling him that mockingly.
[03:18] <Serafitia> That's strange. He's told me just about everyone who he's got into it with from ga, he hasn't mentioned you once.Here, basically, I was trying to indirectly call you a nobody. Stay on the path I've set.
[03:19] <Willco> It's not like he's my, say, Green Goblin. More like my, eh, Mysterio.Mysterio? Dude, you're my Kangaroo. Who? Yeah, exactly.
[03:19] <Willco> We were both banned temporarily for saying shit towards each other awhile back.
[03:19] <Serafitia> They wore the same colors.
[03:19] <Willco> Whatever, Mysterio was a loser villain.
[03:20] <Willco> My argument with your boy toy.
[03:21] <Serafitia> Oh, he's more than that.

I really need that vomit emoticon right about now
You and me both.

[03:25] <Serafitia> Please, Will.
[03:25] <Willco> Jesus, why are you so worried.
[03:26] <Serafitia> Because this is GA, we're talking about. Individually, alpha and I have been ridiculed. Just imagining the thought of a thread about the both of us.
[03:26] <Serafitia> Surely, it'll bring notoriety to the one the posts it, but it'll be horrible for usHAhah. I was so blatant here. Poor, Will, I tried to drop as many warnings as I could.
[03:26] <Willco> You really are stressed about this?
[03:27] <Serafitia> not really stressed, but it'd be quite a smack in the face to have this pop up in the forums
[03:27] <Willco> Fact is, I really don't like him. He's an asshat. You. I have bit more respect for you. What goes around comes around, but I certainly won't be the one to do it.
[03:28] <Serafitia> You mean you won't tell anyone?
[03:28] <Serafitia> Have you told anyone?
[03:28] <Willco> Not anyone that doesn't already know.
[03:28] <Serafitia> Names.
[03:28] <Willco> Fat chance.
[03:28] <Serafitia> how fat?
[03:28] <Willco> Think Brando.
[03:29] <Serafitia> He's losing weight.He really is losing weight, I think.
[03:30] <Willco> At any rate, I'm not giving names.
And the saga continues.

[03:41] <Willco> You acting totally weird.
[03:43] <Willco> Hey, if I were to post it, what forum should I post it in? Gaming or Off Topic?Dude, I was really about to tell you OT, too.
[03:43] <Willco> Maybe BOTH.
[03:44] <Willco> p.s. i am kidding jk
[03:45] <Serafitia> You better be.
[03:46] <Willco> OR ELSE!
[03:47] <Serafitia> Exactly.
[03:47] <Willco> Again, threats hold little water with me.I'm pushing you when I really don't have to.
[03:47] <Willco> You know, I appreciate the pseudo-serious appeal, but I never know with you.
[03:47] <Serafitia> Then you should learn to be more cautious.You weren't cautious, Will.
[03:48] <Willco> Again, I really don't care. You should have.
[03:53] <Willco> You know what pisses me off? This whole I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, HOLIER THAN THOU attitude.
[03:54] <Serafitia> Well, it's not my fault you were born the way you were.
[03:54] <Willco> Fuck you.
[03:54] <Willco> You want me to do you a favor?
[03:55] <Willco> I should post this shit.Thatta boy, my little lemming. You wind-up Mario, you! :D
[03:55] <Willco> And you can deal with yourself for once.
[03:55] <Willco> I'm not going to, though.
[03:55] <Willco> Because I'm not some fucking asshat, vile guy you think I am.
[03:56] <Serafitia> Says you.
[03:56] <Willco> Says me.
[03:56] <Willco> And my word is a lot more honest that yours, that's for sure.
[03:57] <Serafitia> Whatever, think what you want.
[03:57] <Willco> It's not what I think.
[03:57] <Willco> It's the truth.
Ok, this last part, Will's pathetic little emotions were coming into play, so I had to crush them outright. Push all the buttons at once. Don't back out now, my little lemming, the cliff is right ahead!

[03:57] <Serafitia> I'm tired of your dumb ass trying to manipulate me.
[03:57] <Willco> I'm not trying to manipulate anything.
[03:57] <Serafitia> I knew your jealousy would shine through.
[03:57] <Serafitia> You know what you are, Will Federman?
[03:58] <Serafitia> You're an asshole.
[03:58] <Serafitia> Do as you please.
[03:58] <Serafitia> I'm done with you.
[03:58] <Willco> Good.
[03:58] <Serafitia> You're just trying to get over that time I punk'd you.
[03:58] <Willco> Get over yourself.
[03:58] <Willco> You might love the attention you get here, because ARNOLD is the only one who cares in real-life, but nobody really cares.
[03:58] <Willco> I go to work and nobody cares about [that prank].I was at work the whole day, that's why this prank was sabotaged! >:O
[03:59] <Willco> I go out and nobody cares about what you did.You do, Will, and that's why you're my little princess.
[03:59] <Willco> It's amazing!
[03:59] <Serafitia> You're right. He's the only one that matters.
[03:59] <Serafitia> To me, anyway.
[03:59] <Serafitia> That's where you're wrong.
[03:59] <Willco> Please, tell me.
[03:59] <Serafitia> As long as you know what I did, that's enough for me.
[03:59] <Serafitia> That's all that matters to this little drama queen.
[04:00] <Willco> Little is an understatement.
[04:00] <Serafitia> Perhaps. Not maybe ;P
Jun 7, 2004
new york
I'm too lazy and tired to comment on the rest. For those that thought this was for their personal enjoyment, get over yourselves. For those that figured it out, it was a spur of the moment thing, me and buddy just winged it. Bud was also tired, so forgive his LAME ASS MADE FOR TV WRITING! :p But I digress, you have worse luck than Charlie Brown, Will. Someday I'll be be trumped, but just not by you. You're one of my favorite posters, you being all young and youthful and such. Nomo, I knew you'd buy it! That's why you like so many poorly written comics! :p Who else? Eh, I'm tired. And screw you, Alpha, for not helping. We're through! >:p
Jun 7, 2004
new york
Raoul Duke said:
Ugh. Can this shit be locked or deleted? Where are you Drinky Crow, now that we need you?

Stoofoo and just ignore it and move on. Let will have his moment on the sun. I've never understood why people come into topics just to bitch and moan about them being locked. Unless it's backla, tub girl, or stretchole man, stop you're damned whining, you old lemon.
Jun 7, 2004
Bah! Don't begin with me, lady.

Personality whoredom in all it's heinous internet forms puts me into a blind state of rage(I've got some issues), so the unctuous prescence of the perpetrators here on this board that I frequent is my concern. And if you ask me(not that you did or would), I'd say whoever banned Federdouche and BuddyC stopped one poster short.
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