GAF Game of the Year 2009 - Voting Thread - 3 POINT SYSTEM, rules updated!

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Oct 19, 2004
Los Angeles, CA
Continuing the tradition... GAF votes on the best games of 2009!

A three-point system is now in play. If you voted before you will need to re-vote. For that I apologize, but hopefully more people will enjoy this system.

Since we're using a new system this year, PLEASE READ THE RULES. The system has been updated in order to address concerns with the previous 5 point system. If you still have problems with it, please bear with it, or don't vote. For everyone who game constructive and helpful feedback, thanks for the criticism. As far as this goes, it's a simple system, but since it's a change from last year I will try to be as specific as possible. If you have any questions feel free to post them or PM me (the faster option), I'll answer them as soon as possible.

  1. Each voter gets ten (10) points total to award to their nominated games. You don't have to "spend" all of these points, but you can't go over the limit.
  2. Only ONE of your nominated games can be awarded THREE (3) points. This is effectively your singular vote for GAME OF THE YEAR. You do not, however, have to give 3 points to a title if you do not wish to.
  3. The rest of your nominated games can be given one or two points each. Again, your total cannot exceed 10 points.
  4. Only points of 1, 2, or 3 will be accepted.
  5. The voting will run from the time of this posting to January 10th, 2010 at midnight PST. (Please read the last note regarding extending the deadline)

Voting Format
The format of your ballot should look like this: Game Name - # of points assigned

Example Ballot #1
Game A - 3
Game B - 2
Game C: The Sequel - 2
Game D - 2
Game E - 1

Example Ballot #2
Game A - 3
Game B - 2
Game C - 1
Game D - 1
Game E - 1
Game F - 1
Game G - 1

Example Ballot #3
Game A

Note that in example ballot #3, 'Game A' will be awarded 3 points.

Additional Notes and Clarifications
  • In keeping with the rules, you can vote for anywhere from one to ten games.
  • If you vote for more than one game and you do not award the points explicitly, I am not going to bother "figuring out" how you wanted them to receive points, and will simply give the first game listed 3 points. The rest will receive nothing.
  • Do not post any box arts, screenshots, etc. in your posts, please. It only makes it harder on me when counting votes.
  • Some of you like to write a little bit of text about your nominated games. That's fine with me, but please do what you can to make it easier for me to find your points through the use of bold, or separating your blurbs from your ballots.
  • As requested, I will not be displaying a running tally of the votes.
  • If you change your votes, please let me know via PM, with your previous votes and your new ones. This will help me keep track of things more easily.

What Games Count
  • New games released to your region this year (can be retail only or downloadable).
  • Remakes and visible upgrades count too.
  • Revisions and ports released for the first time on a console or handheld this year (must be a retail version and not downloadable).
  • New expansion packs to MMOs and other games count, but not the original game unless it too was released in your region this year.
  • Asked about games that are allowed: Metroid Prime Trilogy

  • If you’re outside NA and voting for a game that came out in NA last year, then please list which country or continent you are from. Otherwise I will assume you didn't read the rules and I will not count your vote.
  • You can list import games.

(!!!) Wait, why isn't AniHawk doing it this year? I liked AniHawk's system better.
AniHawk stated last year that 2008 was the last time he would be doing the GAF Game of the Year Awards. He's also said that he feels this is a good chance for there to be some experimentation with the process. That said, some of the rules used here, especially in the "What Games Count" and "Regions" sections, come from his work last year.

So that's what's happening here. Hopefully you'll like this system as well. Any feedback is welcome, just PM me. On that note, I'd like to recognize and give huge thanks to AniHawk for the amazing work he's done over the past five years with this.

* RE: Extending the voting deadline *
Based on interest I have extended the deadline an extra week, to January 10, 2010 at midnight PST. Thanks for all the PMs and posts indicating you wanted a little extra time!

Update: I have counted votes in all posts up to Post #1300. As always, if you change your votes then PM me with your old votes and your new ones, or I can't promise the changes will be counted.
Dec 9, 2008
Dragon Age: Origins - 3
Borderlands - 2
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - 2
Batman Arkham Asylum - 2
Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War II - 1

timetokill, thanks for updating the rules. Appreciate that.
Sep 18, 2007
Dragon Age: Origins - 3
MLB09: The Show - 2
League of Legends -1
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 2 - 1
Batman: Arkham Asylum - 1
inFamous - 1
Uncharted 2 - 1

thanks timetokill, I vote you extend it as long as you can. no reason to rush it.
Dec 12, 2006
  1. Assassin's Creed 2 - 3 points
  2. Infamous - 2 points
  3. Trine - 1 point
  4. Little King's Story - 1 point
  5. Motorstorm Arctic Edge - 1 point
  6. Way of the Samurai 3 - 1 point
  7. Dragon Age - 1 point

This point system is weird. I only wanted to vote for AC2 and Infamous, but might as well throw some points in for less popular games I liked.


Jan 7, 2007
Eh, I preferred the 5 point system. :/

Batman AA - 3
Dragon Age - 2
Street Fighter IV - 2
Torchlight - 1
King's Bounty Armored Princess - 1
New Super Mario Bros Wii - 1
Jun 15, 2007
New Super Mario Bros. Wii - 3
Little King's Story - 2
Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes - 2
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - 1
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years - 1
Knights in the Nightmare - 1
Jun 5, 2006
Burlington, NC
KilgoreTrout said:
There are gonna be a lot of people who don't edit their vote now... Will their votes just not count?

This is a mess.
The thread is locked. Are you saying they won't check back in with the voting sometime before the deadline? That is absurd. Sure there might be a couple, but most people will come back to see how far it has gone or what people are still voting for. They'll notice the original thread is NOT the same as the original, and come back and post their games again.
May 4, 2006
San Francisco
  1. Assassin's Creed 2 : 3 points.
    A beautiful, vibrant, Renaissance Italy to free roam around with the best free running and climbing mechanics out there. Add in some loving polish, tons of game elements and missions, and a story out of a fever dream, and you have my game of the year, hands down. Take notes sequel makers! This is another example of how you do it right.
    Bonus: Assassin's Tombs and Glyphs were awesome.

  2. Borderlands : 2 points.
    Diablo with guns in a free roam, co-op environment. Great art style and humor make this game a pleasure to wander around and blow stuff up in. Now keep up the good work Gearbox!

  3. Modern Warfare 2 : 2 points.
    Obscene hype, the 'No Russian level' and multiplayer glitches aside this game is still a fucking marvel. Silky smooth 60fps with flawless controls allow an intensity to combat that never lets up, whether you're playing through the over-the-top campaign, or grinding the millions of different ladders of XP and unlocks in the multiplayer. I've bitched plenty about the game's balance problems and over-sensitivity to connection speed, but truth be told, I have yet to boot the game up and not have a great time. Spec Ops is just icing on this amazing cake. Give it up haters, there's a reason Modern Warfare is the standard in FPS shooters. Actually, several reasons.
    And, this right here was my favorite 3 minutes in gaming this year. Best. Chaingun. Ever.

  4. Killzone 2 : 1 point.
    Gorgeous. Hardcore controls that you either love or hate. Bots. Beautiful animation and lighting, with damn intense set piece battles. I couldn't get enough. Lack of party functionality and a weird server browser keeps this one from more points in my book.

  5. Shadow Complex : 1 point.
    We need more games with this kind of philosophy. Old school game elements, with some modern innovations. Well worth the money and accolades.

  6. Need for Speed: Shift : 1 point.
    The best damn cockpit view ever put in a driving game. This is the first of the more simmy racing games where I could feel the dynamics of my car and the road. There are so many subtle effects to make the illusion work, and they should be studied by devs for use in other games, whether you're making a flight or mech sim, or even if you're in a cybernetic soldier-suit saving the world from aliens. Hint, Hint.
Dec 5, 2008
Maxrpg said:
The thread is locked. Are you saying they won't check back in with the voting sometime before the deadline? That is absurd. Sure there might be a couple, but most people will come back to see how far it has gone or what people are still voting for. They'll notice the original thread is NOT the same as the original, and come back and post their games again.
I'm saying most people won't realize the thread has changed.

I'm also not a fan of the scoring system. I think GAF needs to come up with a standard scoring system for every voting thread.
Aug 23, 2006
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - 3

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - 2
New Super Mario Bros. Wii - 2

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - 1
Killzone 2 - 1
Infamous - 1
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