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Gaf, how do you discover new games and enjoy steam sales?


Nov 5, 2017
Back when there were daily rotations on the front page I spent loaded of money on the store.

I saw gems i didn't normally would think about buying.

Now I check the front page, see battlefield and other triple a games on sale, already got them or not interested.

I don't get represented with new exciting games anymore.

It's like a store saying

"we have lots of hardware on sale, but we won't show which one. Browse our store between 5000 articles across 400 Isle to find what you need."

I just can't enjoy steam sales anymore as I don't know what to search for anymore, and find the discover feature as a lame way to find offers.
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Jun 18, 2018
Winter Sale > Summer Sale.

I find that the Winter Sale has much better deals than its Summer cousin, it includes a wider selection of titles, and it's the time when I buy the most games.
It's also around my birthday so that's a neat bonus.
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Jun 15, 2004
My front page seems to show a decent amount of games. Sure the AAA stuff is at top in center but if I scroll down I can see a good 100 games at least


May 16, 2020
The recommendation system is pretty good. That being said, between my massive backlog, Gamepass and Epic freebies I feel its a waste to buy games I won't be playing anytime soon.


Jan 22, 2020
I generally don't buy many PC games, especially during Steam sales. They used to be a lot better. That being said I did grab the STALKER series for 14 bucks.


Dec 8, 2020
Interactive recommender which can be found under "Your Store".

I already know about most/all popular games so I look for niche stuff. Add in a tag or two and viola. Gives me a good list of stuff that probably flew under my radar.


Jul 17, 2020
Rather than wait for a sale then look for games, I put games on the wishlist and then wait for a sale. These are generally games that I hear about through positive word of mouth if it wasn't already anticipated.

When there's a massive sale like now, I select which ones I'd rather have the most then wait for later on the rest. I don't need to buy every game just because it's on sale, because it's going to go on sale again.
Oct 26, 2018
I'm new to Steam and GOG (just started doing it around half a year ago).

I only buy bargain games at less than $10. Most of them are literally $2-5. And the cheap fuck I am, I'll even wait for it to go on deal even though the regular price is cheap to begin with. lol. Steam and GOG deals are predictable as fuck and I've only been doing it recently. Every month it seems just about every game goes on deal. Oldies are maybe 75% off off and more recent games maybe 10-20% off. I think I've seen HoMM 3 at 75% off 4 times already since I bought it in Jan.

I don't have the urge to buy pricier PC games nor do I have the power to play games that need power either since my 3 year laptop isn't build for games.

On GOG, I simply flip through the 50 pages of under $8 (cdn) games and check out games that look interesting and wishlist them until I feel like getting them. And from there, then I just check new games coming every once in a while since the grunt work was done for the first batch.

Steam is harder. I do some tag searches and sort by newest date first and skim the list looking for cheap games with a blue thumbs up.

I find clicking the developer name or recommended games useful. I bought a digital board game, then bought more based on finding more from them I never knew they made.
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Mar 23, 2018
Problem with steam sales is, they are always piss poor.

Lets look at the steep discounts
Hades 15 euro's on steam sale from 21 euro's., 13 euro's on keysite
GTA 5 15 bucks on steam sale, normally 25 bucks, keysite 8 bucks.
shadow of the tomb raider, 39 bucks normally, 13 bucks discount, 10 bucks on keysites.
sea of thieves from 40 to 27 on discount, 8 on keysites.

Even with the huge discounts on steam sales, they are not beating the normal key prices.

Then also they don't announce sales. they drop from sales to sale. For example two point hospital dlc's had a week ago publisher sale, then it was gone, now its on sale again. It just feels like everything at normal steam prices is just extremely overpriced at this point when half the time the games are on "discount'

And then the actual titles that do matter like buldar gate 3, never get on discount.

Spidey Fan

May 30, 2021
This is how I discover my games.
Youtube Reaction GIF


Sep 6, 2010
I track every Japanese coming out for my curator group decide from that list plus stuff people mention in reviews, message boards and occasionally but sorting through overwhelmingly positive lists.

If you check a curator that does research and falls in your niche, go to their game list, go on the special tab and go nuts. You can also sort by tags on curator lists.

Yes, finding things to buy is work.


Jun 30, 2017
Baltimore, MD
I'll just browse the front page or click on something at the top of the page just to browse games and see if something looks interesting. I hate almost all things gaming these days, so its hard for me to get excited for anything. I live in nostalgia of my teenhood/early adulthood. But this Summer sale has been pretty meh. Still trying to understand why Rockstar is hating so much that they refuse to sell Red Dead II for anything less than $40, lol.


Nov 17, 2014
I just look at my wishlist which usually has 100+ games and see if the discount matches the historical low with augmented steam.

How I actually find the games is usually through reddit. Following a specific type of genres subreddit will give me all the upcoming games. That's mostly for indie games popular ones are usually posted here.

Curators occasionally link me something interesting. Follow a few who like the same games you do.


Fantastik Tuna
Mar 18, 2020
I've got about 150 friends on Steam. It's a good mix of people. I go to the activity section and see what they're buying, reviewing, or taking screenshots of
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Jun 7, 2021
Do you enjoy steam sale? Here is a minigame from the sale and my reason for enjoying the summer sale.
You are a second-century hired killer in the Byzantine Empire. But what your rich clients don't know is that you are also Zeus, father of all Greek gods, living in the mortal world. But there's a problem: Poseidon wants you dead. There's also another problem; you are a member of the Knight's Templar, sworn to protect the bloodline of Christ.

That's a lot of problems, even for Zeus. But there's an even worse problem: A local storekeeper needs you to find 100 feathers scattered around the city before he'll sell you a clay pot. Which you apparently need, even though they're everywhere.

Anyway, the good news is, it looks like your boring feather hunt will have to wait, because there's an angry mob of Byzantium guards lurking outside the pottery store. You are going to have to quietly assassinate them all! Or find them 50 feathers each for some reason. Are feathers currency in the Byzantine Empire or something? Who knows.

What kind of Hero will you become? Choose your ending wisely! Like a bell that cannot be unrung, this decision cannot be undone.

Assassinate them all
Collect 50 feathers for each one of them

You silently assassinate them all in the street in broad daylight. As you're daggering the last one into the giant body pile under the street's only shadow, you trip and accidentally sit on the vial with the blood of Christ in it. So now you've got a new problem because the Knight's Templar are not going to be happy about this.

I use Reddit for finding games but I was hoping something will popup on neogaf as a thread for game recommendations, like this one. I am right now thinking about buying L.A. Noire. It's in my cart.
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Mar 13, 2017
every game i want i either buy brand new or pirate so very rarely do i benefit from steam sales unfortunately
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Jan 4, 2020
Youtube videos. Although, it's usually indie games that haven't been released yet and/or being released as early access, so I add them to my wishlist and wait a few months.
But I have to say that I rarely buy them since I get much of the stuff that I want from Humble Choice/Fanatical bundles. And if not, I'll purchase them from cdkeys or humble store (normal discount + choice discount).