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GAF Prob - Are Image Uploads broke?


Just a little question (and I don't see the GAF internal forum anymore so I think this is the place?) I had on image uploading. It hasn't worked for me to post pics in the last two days. Yesterday I just thought it was me and my stupid computer, but today I tried to attach to a Nintendo Direct post a picture file (uploaded to GAF, not externally hosted; external image links seem fine) and it has similarly given me a failure to upload message.

Not sure if new size requirements were added, or if that feature is being disabled/remodeled, or if the Image Uploader is down for a while, or what's up. Any status check on that feature, it'd be good to know when planning out a post, because I'm pretty sure I lost my old Photobucket password a long time ago...

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I can pretty much never use the built in mobile upload feature, even on small image sizes it fails to upload e.g. 200K or 900K.


I remember it not working a couple days ago too,tried again in this thread to check and yeah still not working.


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